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Cowboys Reacts Survey: Week 7

This could be the week the Cowboys finally get Dak Prescott back.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys and their fanbase are moving on from the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The team has a 4-2 record thanks to the defense and Cooper Rush, so that gives the rest of the season relevance. Dallas is squarely in the playoff hunt and has that elite defense, so they should be competitive in any game. But what will make a difference is an offense that can hold up its end of the deal.

With Rush under center, the Cowboys had to scramble to score points. Rush had his limitations and the team worked around them. With Prescott coming back, hopefully in Week 7 versus the Detroit Lions, the offense should be more formidable.

How much more formidable? That’s what we want to know from you, along with your confidence level in the team. Take the poll and we’ll post the results later this week.

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