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Jayron Kearse on Mike McCarthy: ‘Probably if not the best coach I’ve ever had, he’s definitely up there’

A word of encouragement for the Dallas Cowboys head coach, Mike McCarthy.

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys may be coming off of a loss this week, but they are one of the more sound overall teams in the NFL this season. It is heavily assumed that they will be more solid when quarterback Dak Prescott returns, but the fact that QB1 has a 4-2 team to come back to is a testament to what Dallas has accomplished on this young season.

Mike McCarthy, the team’s head coach, is somebody who doesn’t tend to get a ton of credit for the Cowboys having success. This is his third season with the team and he has had to coach 17 games without the franchise quarterback. That isn’t even to mention all of the games that other notable players have missed over that time.

Those who have made up their mind on McCarthy are unlikely to change it but it is always important to consider what players have to say. Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse was a recent guest on Cowboys Hour over on the mothership and was asked about his head coach and spoke about him in a pretty glowing fashion.

“Coach is… he’s probably if not the best coach I’ve ever had… he’s definitely up there. I love Coach McCarthy. Just because, the way he treats us in the building, he’s very communicative with us. Like he talks to us a lot. He’s not one of those coaches that’s just, it’s my way or the highway. He takes inputs from his leaders in the room, the veterans, the Zack Martins, the Tyrons. Just having a coach like that that understands that.”

“The coaches coach but the players we, we have to do these things. So taking our input and actually implementing it into, whether it’s scheduling or practice, or anything we may have to say. He’s all for it if it’s going to help us win. That was one of the main things that when I got here, I didn’t have in a lot of other places, that coach definitely showed me. And it works.”

“Guys, we all in the locker room… we want to play for him. We want to fight for him. And we want nothing but the best for the simple fact that he takes care of us and the best way for us to take care of him is to go out there and get wins.”

It is very noteworthy to hear from Kearse on how specifically McCarthy helps them on a week to week basis. McCarthy has talked a lot about learning from his previous experience as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers and how that has impacted him in things like delegation. and it seems that this has all led to a much more functional team-wide dynamic.

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