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DeMarcus Ware says Micah Parsons is an even better player in his second season

A former Cowboys great offers up high praise for a current/future Cowboys great.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

We are just about through the month of October and to this point in the season the Dallas Cowboys have looked like one of the best teams in the National Football League.

Given that quarterback Dak Prescott has yet to play a full game on the season after fracturing his thumb in the season opener, the story of this team has been all about the defense. It was largely anticipated that this would be the case even before this campaign began but the issue has been magnified by Dallas playing with a limited offense.

It does not take a supreme football mind to realize that this year’s Cowboys defense is playing at an insane level. While they have fewer takeaways to this point in the season than they did a year ago (7 compared to 13) they have far more sacks (24 compared to 11) and rank higher defensively in DVOA (6th compared to 9th). Needless to say they are more productive overall.

A big reason for Dallas’ success on defense has to do with the stellar play of Micah Parsons in his second season, but one could certainly argue that a lot of it also has to do with the play in general of DeMarcus Lawrence. You will recall that Tank was injured after last year’s opener and did not return until December. Having him around consistently has been a rising tide that has helped to lift all boats.

Speaking of DeMarcus, we sat down with another one earlier this week for a conversation thanks to his work with Crown Royal. We are, of course, talking about none other than DeMarcus Ware and he spoke to us about a variety of things. You can watch our conversation here:

For those of you living in or near Houston you should know that D-Ware spoke to us on behalf of his partnership with Crown Royal and the Southern Smoke Festival happening on October 23, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Ware and Bo Jackson are teaming up for some fun that DeMarcus explained during the interview.

Besides that we obviously touched on Micah Parsons, DeMarcus Lawrence, and the success of this year’s Cowboys defense. One of the things we talked about within that was what it is like when a defense has to carry an offense. I brought up the 2015 Denver Broncos to DeMarcus, the team he won the Super Bowl with, and noted how near the end of that run their All-World quarterback Peyton Manning was a different version of himself than he had been for most of his career so it created a bit of a larger need for the defense to succeed.

Ware noted that while it didn’t change the calculus for them that it was a big deal for Peyton to return because they knew that their leader was back, overall it was interesting to hear him explain it in his own words. We hope that you enjoy the interview and want to again thank both DeMarcus Ware and Crown Royal for the time!

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