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Cowboys offense struggles, strong defensive performance brings them to 5-2

The Cowboys are now 5-2 with one of the NFL’s weakest teams on deck.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

How Dallas Cowboys fans react to the 24-6 victory over the Lions will be interesting because the score hardly dictates how the first three quarters went. The win brings Dallas to 5-2 on the season with a struggling Chicago Bears team on deck. Today’s game, however, brought back the sour nostalgia that last year provided: a bailed-out, stagnant offense that relies on defensive turnovers and special teams.

The Cowboys defense is one of the league’s best and it truly doesn’t get tiring to say. It’s been years since they’ve touted scary defenses in consecutive years but oh boy, this defense is truly special. Micah Parsons will continue to set himself apart from other defenders and Trevon Diggs is proving himself among the elite NFL cornerbacks. Specific to today, Sam Williams had what seems to be a breakout game, getting to Jared Goff a couple of times, and he hasn’t been sacked much this year. The rush defense wasn’t its usual self, but all in all, the defense did what was asked and more, and won this game.

Brett Maher continues to be one of the very best kickers in the league this year. Not that he was called on much, but it’s still good to see. Speaking of special teams, KaVontae Turpin had the longest punt return in the NFL this season. He is a game-changer and adds a much-needed level to this team.

Now, for the negatives, which the list of is probably more than usual for a 24-6 win. The offense is scary, and not in a good way. Many people expected Dak Prescott to come back and all be right in the offense. Those people were proved harshly wrong as the offense struggled against one of the league’s worst defenses. Tony Pollard shined, and Ezekiel Elliott scored twice, but the passing game was worrisome. So was the play-calling in which there were multiple third and shorts that were stuffed. Kellen Moore didn’t have his best day and it’s something to watch moving forward. The pass blocking didn’t hold up well, either. Tyler Smith hasn’t had a great past month and his pass block win rate is among the lowest of tackles.

It would be nice to sit here and talk about the comeback game of Prescott and how he didn’t miss a beat, but that would be fibbing. It’s hard to expect much out of him in his first game back, but the decision-making was off on some throws. The wide receivers seem to have a hard time getting open and catching balls that aren’t in between their numbers, but hopefully that works itself out.

As for what’s next, maybe the team could make a mid-season acquisition. Good teams in the NFL make their teams better in hopes of a championship. The Cowboys are no different, even though the heads of this team may not agree with that sentiment. Depending on the severity of Jourdan Lewis’ injury combined with the recent play of Anthony Brown should push them to at least call about some cornerbacks around the league. A wide receiver would be welcomed, too.

The offense needs to figure it out or a repeat of a disappointing last year may poke it’s head once again. For now, 5-2 sounds fun, especially with one of the league’s worst teams on deck.

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