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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys vs. Lions: ‘Dallas OL is beast.’

Listen in on other fans as they watched the Cowboys outplay the Lions.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s Victory Monday, which means it’s time to take another leisurely stroll through the comments of football fans across the SB Nation network as they were watching the Dallas Cowboys outplay the Detroit Lions by a score of 24-6. That makes the Cowboys 5-2 on the year.

The early afternoon slot doesn’t always generate a ton of comments on the other blogs, so today’s TTN is a bit shorter than usual, but hopefully just as enjoyable.

So sit back and relive Sunday’s game via the comments made by NFL fans around the league while watching the game.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Eagles I'm looking forward to the Giants getting their butts kicked up and down the field again this week, yet somehow pulling out another win.
Domonate | 12:55 EDT
Eagles Yes! Prescott promptly sacked.
TSPC37730 | 13:05 EDT
(13:37) DAL punts
(10:47) DET punts
Lions Defense stepped up, got a stop, and Hutch got a sack. Offense comes out and runs 5 times and punts. First drive, but hope this isn't another Patriots disappearing act by the offense.
JustAnotherLionsFan | 13:11 EDT
(9:00) DAL punts
Eagles WOW..!! People now have to ask themselves.. Danny Dimes or Jalen Hurts..?? WHO GOT THE GOODS FOR REAL..!!
JohnnyNight | 13:13 EDT
People need to asks themselves I an Eagles fan or an escaped Lunatic?
froggyluv | 13:18 EDT
Lions Defense surprising me today.
CMonstar | 13:14 EDT
Lions 2 stops in a row! Whatta ya know!
Lioncrazy | 13:14 EDT
Lions Dan Campbell is running scared if he goes conservative.
In Goff We Trust | 13:14 EDT
We go conservative, 100% guaranteed loss.
W2B1999 | 13:15 EDT
(3:58) DET 39 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 0 - DET 3
Lions Lions are up 3-0. STOP THE COUNT!!!
lLikeFootball | 13:23 EDT
Lions I forgot what a field goal was.
DetroitSports2013 | 13:23 EDT

Second Quarter
Lions Dallas OL is beast.
Pick62022 | 13:36 EDT
Lions Is the Cowboys O-line that good or are we that bad?
CMonstar | 13:37 EDT
Lions Holding them to 3 is a win.
CMonstar | 13:39 EDT
(12:24) B.Maher 22 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - DET 3
Lions Excellent effort from defense. The turd in the punchbowl is Dan Campbell doing O play calling....
Rockdog77 | 13:41 EDT
What does OC Ben Johnson do then?
Jim Herrmann ONE MAN BAND | 13:41 EDT
Assistant. When "conservative" play calling occurs, it is Dan Campbell doing the damage.
Rockdog77 | 13:43 EDT
Eagles Haha! Cowboys have no balls. 4th-and-1 on the Lions 3-yard line and they kick a field goal.
KenTheSailor | 13:42 EDT
(7:59) DET 53 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - DET 6
Lions Where'd this kicker come from? Nice find.
Jim Herrmann ONE MAN BAND | 13:50 EDT
Chicago of all places.
CMonstar | 13:50 EDT
Sucks to be them!
TomFoolery27 | 13:50 EDT
That's what they say about us :)
Jim Herrmann ONE MAN BAND | 13:51 EDT
Lions Shaping up to be another typical Lions letdown. Hold them close and lose at the end. Book it.
Pussycatpessimist | 13:51 EDT
Lions Looks like Campbell has clipped OC Ben Johnson's wings. Nothing but conservative playcalling.
In Goff We Trust | 13:53 EDT
(6:43) DAL punts
Seahawks Is there a QB controversy in Dallas yet?
Soggyblogger | 13:58 EDT
Probably not just yet. Dak could be better of course, but it’s the constant penalties that are stalling their offense every drive. Just sloppy.
Darilus | 13:59 EDT
No, but it’s downright scandalous in D.C.
Heavy Weather | 13:59 EDT
Tony Romo is headed down from the booth and will be in uniform after halftime.
Wilder. | 14:00 EDT
(6:00) J.Goff sacked (D.Wilson)
(5:16) DET punts
Lions Our secondary needs some time on the jugs machine.
CMonstar | 14:08 EDT
Lions Elliott lays the lumber.
Pick62022 | 14:08 EDT
Lions Hopefully Elliott is okay.
rames | 14:10 EDT
Hopefully he's ok to return - after this game.
Rampnasty | 14:11 EDT
Lions Get the sun god back after three weeks and now he's out concussed. This team is cursed I swear.
Detsports | 14:12 EDT
Lions Pretty cowardly to take this to the half without even attempting a pass.
popcornstadium | 14:14 EDT
Lions Why would you not try to at least get a field goal?
Rampnasty | 14:14 EDT
49ers WHEN we get healthy this conference is wide open and should be ours.
49FTHFL | 14:16 EDT
(1:45) D.Prescott pass to N.Brown, FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DET
Lions Wow. Ultra conservative call by Dan Campbell. He’s such a flip flopper.
rames | 14:19 EDT
Lions I sure didn't see a 6-3 lead at half before the game.
Lioncrazy | 14:19 EDT
Eagles The Dallas receiver's flip on that fumble was scary.
eoos | 14:20 EDT
Lions Unspectacular first half, but they’re looking at least decent out of the bye so far.
TomFoolery27 | 14:22 EDT
Lions Whatever was working, stick with that. Gotta get to the end zone.
TomFoolery27 | 14:24 EDT

Third Quarter
Lions We have been playing hard today. I don't know if they'll win, as Dallas will probably come out guns a-blazing, but to play hard and tough, and make this game miserable for the Cowboys would be great.
TexasLions | 14:31 EDT
(13:49) J.Goff pass deep left INTERCEPTED by T.Diggs
Lions That’s a pick.
CMonstar | 14:33 EDT
Lions Is Goff lost?
DetroitSports2013 | 14:33 EDT
Lions Looked like a pick to me.
The Smartest Guy In The Room | 14:34 EDT
Lions Not great, but if it stands, it’s at least deep-ish in Dallas’s end.
TomFoolery27 | 14:34 EDT
Lions Here's comes the flood gates. That play will turn this game.
JustAnotherLionsFan | 14:34 EDT
Lions I guess Zeke is ok.
Jim Herrmann ONE MAN BAND | 14:38 EDT
Should have hit him harder.
TomFoolery27 | 14:38 EDT
Lions That's it. Game over. Defense is rolling over.
In Goff We Trust | 14:38 EDT
(10:18) E.Elliott up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 10 - DET 6
Lions Dallas game plan on offense: run the football and then bootleg pass.
Guaransheed | 14:40 EDT
Lions People on here overreacting like the Lions are down 20 or something.
King00 | 14:43 EDT
Be patient, Grasshopper...It's still early in the third.
RDGS | 14:45 EDT
Lions Are road record for the last few years is downright terrible.
Guaransheed | 14:45 EDT
Not as bad as your grammar though.
Chim Ritchels | 14:50 EDT
(9:13) J.Goff sacked (S.Williams)
(7:11) DET punts
K.Turpin punt return to DET 41 for 52 yards
Lions Welp... 1-5
DieAlionsFan | 14:49 EDT
Lions Good Lord, Romo is p****** his pants
Jim Herrmann ONE MAN BAND | 14:49 EDT
Lions The floodgates are slowly opening...
RDGS | 14:49 EDT
Lions And I do believe that’s the game.
popcornstadium | 14:49 EDT
Lions This is why we all need a backup team.
The Smartest Guy In The Room | 14:50 EDT
Impossible, this teams saps all my energy.
Jim Herrmann ONE MAN BAND | 14:52 EDT
Lions Dallas is getting stronger while Detroit is falling apart. The woes continue …
Long Time Lions Fan | 14:51 EDT
Lions Goff drafted #1, Prescott drafted #135 same year.
Guaransheed | 14:52 EDT
(4:31) DAL punts
Lions Sure seems like a lot more than a 4-point game. Lions could still steal one.
SomeMistakesWereMade | 14:54 EDT
Lions That sack shut the crowd up here in AT&T stadium.
pmck | 14:55 EDT
Lions C'mon Goffense! Let's put one in end zone.
Rampnasty | 14:57 EDT
Lions Holding Offense..... 0-5 on 3rd down.
Rockdog77 | 15:01 EDT
Lions Have to get a TD on this drive.
CMonstar | 15:03 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Rams Go Lions!!!!!!!!!!
woah | 15:07 EDT
Too bad they keep self destructing. Sad.
Lions Dallas getting nervous :)
Jim Herrmann ONE MAN BAND | 15:07 EDT
Lions Have to score a TD here.
TomFoolery27 | 15:07 EDT
(13:03) J.Goff pass short left to B.Wright pushed ob at DAL 1
Lions Short? Let’s see that one again.
DaystoDays | 15:09 EDT
Rams This Tony Romo, blabbering all over the place, please shut your trap once in a while...
LaRams&NyMets | 15:10 EDT
(12:21) Ja.Williams up the middle to DAL 2 for -1 yards. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-A.Barr
Lions I’m done. What a bunch of freaking nonsense. Both the officiating and Dan Campbell who NEEDED to challenge that spot. Done.
SomeMistakesWereMade | 15:10 EDT
Lions Detroit Lions…a comedy of errors.
CMonstar | 15:10 EDT
Lions So much a Lion thing right there.
Long Time Lions Fan | 15:10 EDT
W2B1999 | 15:10 EDT
Lions Even if they scored, Dallas would've come back and either gone ahead or won. Losing is in this franchise's DNA.
RDGS | 15:12 EDT
Lions Nothing makes me happier than watching the Lions on Sunday. It's like watching a group of idiots strap on hockey helmets, then continually run head first into a brick wall and go, "Doh. Dat didn't work....".
Red Barrons | 15:13 EDT
(9:52) DAL punts
Lions We still have a shot despite our errors.
CMonstar | 15:15 EDT
Lions Who is the one in the booth not telling Dan to challenge these plays?
lfl65 | 15:16 EDT
Eagles Suplex after the whistle. No call on the Cowboys haha.
EaglesFanatic80 | 15:18 EDT
Lions No flag ???
Detsports | 15:18 EDT
Lions Where is the flag for the body slam?
CMonstar | 15:18 EDT
(8:29) J.Goff pass INTERCEPTED by J.Lewis
Lions QB away from being competitive. Hope we lose every one for the rest of the season.
Bosoxjk88 | 15:22 EDT
Lions Now it’s the turnovers killing us.
pmck | 15:22 EDT
Lions Lions always find a new way to lose.
Pussycatpessimist | 15:25 EDT
Lions It’s going to be rough if they score a TD.
CMonstar | 15:28 EDT
Lions Dallas has executed this 4 min offense to perfection.
JustAnotherLionsFan | 15:30 EDT
(2:46 - 4th) E.Elliott up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 17 - DET 6
Lions That’s all folks. Put a fork in it. This game is over.
Long Time Lions Fan | 15:31 EDT
Lions Can not win scoring 6 points and having that many critical turnovers.
Guaransheed | 15:32 EDT
(2:22) J.Goff sacked (S.Williams). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-S.Williams
Lions That's the same Stafford turnover we saw when he'd press to do too much.
BillySimsMadeMeDo | 15:34 EDT
Lions 4 turnovers…..SMDH
CMonstar | 15:34 EDT
Eagles Lions saved all their good plays against us and now look like clowns vs everyone else.
Kwahu | 15:35 EDT
Lions This was the most important game of the season. Put the final nail in the "Goff is our QB" narrative coffin. Wish him the best of luck.
Bosoxjk88 | 15:36 EDT
Lions Does anybody still think that Goff is the guy?
Themagichobo | 15:36 EDT
(1:55) D.Prescott pass short left to P.Hendershot for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 24 - DET 6
(1:23) J.Goff sacked (D.Lawrence)
(0:58) J.Goff sacked (M.Parsons). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-D.Armstrong, FUMBLES, recovered by DAL-D.Lawrence
Lions Yup, just about time to start talking about next year's draft.
H8thepack | 15:46 EDT
Lions Cowboys gonna score again and go for 2.
lLikeFootball | 15:48 EDT
Take it easy, they aren't Ohio State.
Tietzy0 | 15:48 EDT
Lions Jamaal and Goff should get a game ball from Dallas.
PlayoffsOrBusted | 15:49 EDT

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