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Micah Parsons on Dan Quinn: ‘When I’m out there I just try to give everything I’ve got for him.’

The star of the Dallas Cowboys defense is quite fond of his defensive coordinator.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Can you believe that Micah Parsons has only played 23 games for the Dallas Cowboys? It feels like Parsons has been around for a decade now as he certainly has enough statistical production to fill up that large of a timeframe. Dallas hit the absolute lottery during the 2021 NFL Draft when Parsons fell to them as just about everything on the defensive side of the ball since has been insane.

Entering this season it felt like things in some respects were bound to regress, and they sort of did before the performance against the Detroit Lions inflated things a bit. Consider that through seven games last season the Cowboys defense had 12 sacks and 14 takeaways and that through seven games this season they have 29 sacks and 12 takeaways (five of those takeaways happened on Sunday just for full context).

Just about a quarter (seven to be specific) of those sacks belong to Parsons, and while no one is doing anything to take credit away from him, an almost-equally big reason for the success on defense belongs to coordinator Dan Quinn.

What a shocker that Micah Parsons is quite fond of him.

Micah Parsons on Dan Quinn: ‘When I’m out there I just try to give everything I’ve got for him.’

There were some who saw the way that the Cowboys played over a week ago in Philadelphia and thought (fairly, if we are being honest) that perhaps the league as a whole would begin to attack Parsons the way that the Eagles did. Philly was able to survive the usual onslaught that Parsons’ rushing prowess usually brings, but a big reason for that is the personnel that they have to work with (which makes the Christmas Eve rematch against them even more anticipated).

Obviously the Lions do not have what the Eagles do on offense and they were not really able to mitigate Parsons’ damage. He was phenomenal again this past week and showed off his skillset not just in getting to the quarterback, but in also dropping back in coverage in the screen game while hustling down and making big tackles.

After the game, Parsons was asked about his performance and referenced a conversation that he and Dan Quinn had in the week leading up to it. You can certainly tell how highly he thinks of Quinn.

“Just sitting down with Q this past week and he was talking to me about plays that I can make if I just use my speed and chase down, just knowing that’s my super power. And we kind of had that father-son talk this week. And he challenged me and I told him, I said, if you challenge me I’ll never let you down. So just stuff like that I credit to Q cause he’s a person that means a lot to me and I just hate to let him down. When I’m out there I just try to give everything I’ve got for him.”

There is a lot of great coaching happening all over the Cowboys and obviously Dan Quinn is a headliner in that sense. The way that he has been able to relate to his players while also continually putting them in positions to succeed makes for the blend of a coach that many people don’t want to see leave, but we will leave the offseason’s problems to the offseason.

It is clear and obvious that the Cowboys have something special brewing between Dan Quinn, Micah Parsons, and everybody else on the defensive side of the ball. Here’s to hoping that things stay status quo forever and ever. We are allowed to dream, right?

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