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Tyler Biadasz is the most under-appreciated offensive lineman in football

Not only is Tyler Biadasz the most underrated player on the Cowboys, he might be the most underrated offensive lineman in football.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Biadasz was regarded as a draft steal all the way back in 2020 after most analysts expected him to go early-to-mid Day 2 only for Biadasz to make it all the way to Day 3. After The Dallas Cowboys decided to trade up with the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round and take Biadasz, many expected him to be an immediate Travis Frederick replacement after Frederick had recently retired following the 2019 season. Unfortunately, Biadasz wasn’t even named the starting center going into 2020, Joe Looney was.

Joe Looney was solid, but many fans wanted to see the rookie and after Looney unfortunately suffered an injury that put him out of action for four games, Biadasz started all four from Weeks 5 to 8 and allowed nine pressures on 180 pass blocking snaps. For reference, in 2022 Biadasz has played 241 pass block snaps and has allowed just five pressures.

In 2021, Biadasz struggled more than most expected leading the league in penalties with 11 and allowing 22 pressures (11th most). The bright side was that Biadasz had only allowed one sack all year long and had a much improved second half of his year.

In 2022, Biadasz took a leap to say the least. So far, Tyler Biadasz is the 9th highest graded pass blocking center (70.0) allowing five pressures (10th least), three hurries (3rd least), and zero sacks with Biadasz not allowing a single pressure in four out of seven games. Not only has Biadasz only been penalized twice, but when compared to 2021 Biadasz had already been penalized five times by Week 7. To add on, PFF uses a statistic called pass blocking efficiency where they track pressures allowed on a per snap basis and Biadasz is at a 98.9, that’s good for the seventh highest among all centers in the NFL.

Regardless of how much some Cowboys fans might miss Travis Frederick, it’s safe to say the Dallas Cowboys are in good hands with Tyler Biadasz and deserve some credit for being patient with him after his Year 3 leap.

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