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Cowboys vs. Bears mailbag: The trade deadline approaches

Every week, we answer your questions about the Dallas Cowboys.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Every week, we will be taking questions on Twitter about the upcoming Dallas Cowboys game and other questions surrounding the team. This week it’s the Chicago Bears game, so let’s get right into it.

@NtvChef: “What receivers are we considering before the deadline? We could use some help at this position...”

Brandon: Well if you listened to Jerry Jones on 105.3 the fan yesterday you would have heard his love for Odell Beckham Jr. The usual names floating out there, but two names to keep an eye on would be Chase Claypool or Jerry Jeudy. If the Steelers and Broncos both lose and become further out of playoff contention, the selling might start as soon as the clock hits 0:00. Claypool would give Dallas a big bodied receiver they don’t have on the roster. He also brings a lot of experience and isn’t a free agent until 2024. Jeudy would probably take a second-round pick to grab him from the Broncos. The Cowboys loved him coming out of the draft so they would have a pretty good idea on how to use him.

Mike: There is OBJ, and a couple of other names are D.J. Moore and Brandin Cooks. I’m not a huge fan of these for reasons of character, cost and current form. But a name that cropped up this week I do like the sound of is Cedrick Wilson. The issue isn’t getting Wilson back, he’s buried on Miami’s depth chart over there. The problem will be his contract, and are the Cowboys willing to take that on?

@ubathediplomat: “Will the return of James Washington make an immediate impact in the WR room?”

Mike: Without a doubt. This receiver corps is lacking not just bodies, but effective ones that can split the field. Washington has shown over at Pittsburgh he can be a reliable threat at both the intermediate and deep levels, and does it with some decent route running, which is something this wide receiver group is missing.

Brandon: With Washington working his way back, he might be the reason why the front office doesn’t trade for a receiver. They signed the former Steeler with the intent of him becoming an important part of this offense. He would be a solid option for Dak and brings NFL experience. If he gets in some work during the bye week, I would be excited to see what the offense looks like with him in it.

@seantacoma: “Where are Jabril Cox and Jalen Tolbert?”

Brandon: I think you’re looking at a red-shirt year for both players. Now LB Devin Harper popped up on the injury report with an Achilles injury and was limited in practice all week. Cox might be active to take his reps on special teams. Outside of that, Cox was known for his pass defense coming out of LSU. He struggles to defend the run and that’s an area where the team needs to get better. For Tolbert, if Noah Brown can’t go against the Bears, he should be active. If he can get three catches for 30 yards, I think that would go a long way for the coaches letting him on the field after the bye week.

Mike: Word is that Jalen Tolbert may not even get to the see field this year, which is frustrating, but these things can happen when it comes to development. And if Washington comes back soon, that only means the end for Tolbert this year. The Jabril Cox one has two parts to why he’s not suiting up on game day. The first part is having Anthony Barr on the field, and both Cox and Barr play the same role on the defense. The second part is Cox needs to do more to get on the field. Cox has taken snaps on special teams, so the coaches have had a look at what he can do, and so far they just see don’t see that he could improve the run defense.

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