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Trolling The Washington Commanders: “Cowboys backup QB is better than our starter!”

Read what Washington fans had to say as they watched their team disintegrate against the Dallas Cowboys.

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

As we like to do after Cowboys wins, today we’re going to look at what other fans were saying while they were watching Washington implode in Dallas.

Often, when the Cowboys play in the early slot on Sunday, most other fans are either busy watching their own team, or watching other games, or their blogs simply aren’t hotbeds of commenting activity - so there aren’t always a lot of comments about the Cowboys to be had.

And yesterday, even our other divisional rivals were playing in the same time slot, so we’re going to focus only on what Washington fans had to say as they watched with growing despair as their strangely uniformed team disintegrated in front of their eyes.

At some point while reading their comments, you might feel a slight sting of pity, but you’ve got to work through that. The tears of a division rival are always the sweetest tears.


Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from Hogs Haven. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

Pre-game and first Quarter
WAS It's only fitting we wore all black for our funeral.... Will be rough day listening to everyone trash Commanders…
Anubis31 | 12:10 EDT
WAS Stoked to see the black unis!
OV_Commander | 12:12 EDT
Well I guess at least one person is.
IrishSkins | 12:12 EDT
Must be one of the team accounts.
jmauthe | 17:18 EDT
WAS Very important game. You want the black to mean something? Win. You want the media to disrespect slightly less? Win.
Czechurself | 12:48 EDT
WAS Burn those uniforms.
SkinsNJ | 12:49 EDT
WAS Those uniforms are just depressing.
DGOLD510 | 12:56 EDT
WAS I think I am becoming too jaded, this seems nothing like a rivalry. It feels like an expansion team. My Redskins are truly gone.
BobCohen in Bama | 12:57 EDT
The uniforms don’t help. Our colors are Burgundy and Gold, period.
pyrotech | 12:59 EDT
It's not a rivalry and yes the Redskins are gone. Our biggest rival is Dan Snyder.
1052skins | 13:04 EDT
WAS Those look like arena league uniforms or some generic team from a movie or TV show. Good lord how far this once great franchise has fallen.
Jboyzz | 13:04 EDT
WAS Just more destruction by Snyder. Destroy the name, destroy the logo, destroy the uniform. That’s why he can’t get a stadium built. It would look like section 8 housing.
Captainobvios | 13:07 EDT
(11:34) B.Maher 53 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - WAS 0
WAS How these 50+ yds FG look so easy and automatic by the other teams.
amir_rono | 13:08 EDT
WAS A first down! That's a welcome sight on our first possession.
dg28 | 13:12 EDT
WAS Like the play calling so far.
BillyBigBeer | 13:13 EDT
(8:00) C.Wentz sacked at WAS 38 for -9 yards (N.Gallimore)
WAS There’s the sack I knew was coming.
Captainobvios | 13:15 EDT
WAS And so it begins.
1052skins | 13:15 EDT
WAS Only rushed 3 and still got there.
Skeets83 | 13:16 EDT
(7:12) WAS punts
WAS Game over! Getting to Wentz that easy is all you need to know.
Demj | 13:17 EDT
WAS I feel like today may be a franchise low point.
Yard Elf | 13:17 EDT
WAS At least we have black unis.
IrishSkins | 13:18 EDT
WAS Same crap different week. I don’t understand how any of the coordinators and HC are keeping their jobs.
Captainobvios | 13:19 EDT
WAS Ron's 5 year plan! Two more years of this!
Gilchrist | 13:19 EDT
WAS Dallas 24 Washington Steelers 14
SlingerOfPoo | 13:20 EDT
WAS This OL is the worst in the NFL. Not a good combination with slow developing plays and a slow read QB.
BillyBigBeer | 13:20 EDT
(5:05) DAL punts
WAS Those uniforms look like a cheap version of the Steelers or college football Iowa
BostonianFan1000 | 13:22 EDT
WAS These uniforms….like watching a different team.
SkinsNJ | 13:23 EDT
Their play tells you otherwise
sloopdawgg | 13:24 EDT
WAS Stupid throw by Wentz to a double covered Terry. But if it is a deep pick is it still just the same as punting the ball away?
jmauthe | 13:29 EDT
WAS Announcer: "Carson Wentz wants a flag." No flag, just good coverage.
1052skins | 13:29 EDT
(2:56) WAS punts
WAS Dallas has been watching tape, getting Davis matched up on Lamb.
dg28 | 13:31 EDT
WAS Davis on Lamb???????????
jefferboy | 13:31 EDT
WAS How the HECK is Davis asked to cover Lamb 2 straight plays?
VAFolks14 | 13:31 EDT
WAS Why is a LB covering a WR?? That's the question...
MacVinz | 13:34 EDT
WAS Yeah, let's keep having a LB defend their best wide receiver. Straight foolishness.
kilbyman | 13:34 EDT
WAS Is this practice ?
BostonianFan1000 | 13:35 EDT
Maybe for the Cowboys.
jmauthe | 13:35 EDT

Second Quarter
(14:56) B.Maher 45 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 6 - WAS 0
(12:33) PENALTY on WAS-C.Wentz, Intentional Grounding, 12 yards, enforced at DAL 44
WAS Wentz is a freaking Dunce.
Jboyzz | 13:45 EDT
Glenn#42 | 13:46 EDT
(11:43) WAS punts
WAS Who was it around here that told us what a huge improvement Wentz would be??
BarNunn | 13:46 EDT
WAS How much more of this do we have to see? It’s 6-0. Still in the game.
SkinsNJ | 13:44 EDT
WAS Wentz is done.
Captainobvios | 13:45 EDT
WAS Wentz is a broken man!!! Seeing ghosts. Happy feet. Too nervous to make reads. Petrified by fear!
daswann14 | 13:45 EDT
WAS 3 & 11 you make a short pass and on top of it you miss. What a joke.
BostonianFan1000 | 13:46 EDT
WAS Pull this man. He looks like a lost rookie out there, game too fast for him.
ThaDers | 13:46 EDT
WAS Wentz: 14 yards passing. Cooper Rush (never heard of him until today): 90 yards passing.
BostonianFan1000 | 13:48 EDT
WAS Crazy, D is playing fairly decent.
Skeets83 | 13:50 EDT
Dallas is running too much. Wait till they turn Schultz and Lamb loose.
Captainobvios | 13:51 EDT
Giving Zeke his touches? Good thing they haven't given those to their better back.
jmauthe | 13:51 EDT
Captainobvios | 13:52 EDT
(10:47) DAL punts
WAS What penalty will kill this drive?
Anubis31 | 13:51 EDT
WAS Wentz reading our comments and smashes his water bottle LOL
Glenn#42 | 13:51 EDT
WAS Screen pass, draw, screen pass, draw. Great play calling and creativity Turner.
jmauthe | 13:57 EDT
(7:05) C.Wentz pass to J.Dotson for 10 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 6 - WAS 7
WAS Finally.
Skeets83 | 13:57 EDT
WAS I see you Dotson. Great throw and catch!
dg28 | 13:57 EDT
WAS Perfect throw. Perfect catch.
BillyBigBeer | 13:57 EDT
(6:16) C.Rush pass intended for N.Brown INTERCEPTED. PENALTY on WAS - No Play
WAS St. Juste with the pick! (Edited) Nevermind.
dg28 | 14:03 EDT
WAS Little too obvious with that one unfortunately.
kilbyman | 14:04 EDT
(2:00) Two-minute warning
WAS We should win this game. D came to play.
Stubborn Optimist | 14:10 EDT
(1:04) C.Rush pass short right to M.Gallup for 9 yards, TOUCHDOWN. B.Maher extra point is Blocked.
DAL 12 - WAS 7
WAS Well crap.
BillyBigBeer | 14:15 EDT
WAS Talk about ups and downs... from an INT to a long drive from the Boys.
BillyBigBeer | 14:15 EDT
WAS Why is Holcomb covering Gallup in the back of the endzone?
dg28 | 14:15 EDT
WAS Good play by Rush. Very nice throw on the move.
monroekelly21 | 14:15 EDT
WAS Of course Cole Holcomb on a WR.
wizskinzerrr | 14:16 EDT
WAS Let's imagine a world where we don't hate our team. Can we think ourselves into successful existence?
SlingerOfPoo | 14:17 EDT
WAS Ron Rivera must have something wrong with his brain when it comes to time management. He SUCKS so bad at it.
wizskinzerrr | 14:21 EDT
WAS So they’re gonna score and they don’t want to??? This coaching staff is awful.
jefferboy | 14:21 EDT
WAS Rivera has to go. This is absolutely infuriating. Absolutely horrible clock management and just embarrassing. Get this clown and his group of Panthers the heck out of here.
Taylor703 | 14:22 EDT
(0:17) C.Wentz pass deep left intended for J.Dotson INTERCEPTED by T.Diggs
WAS And that is why they didn't want Wentz to throw it.
BarNunn | 14:22 EDT
WAS Either you kneel or you go for points. This half-assed stuff leads to disaster usually.
kleindropper | 14:23 EDT
WAS Makes zero sense to take a shot like that when you are trying to run out the clock on earlier plays.
jmauthe | 14:23 EDT
WAS They ran down the clock so they could take that shot and not give Dallas time when Wentz throws his pick.
BarNunn | 14:24 EDT
WAS This is such a weird choice of play calling. Either commit to scoring or don't. The lack of commitment is why Wentz threw a desperation heave.
DuncanInDC | 14:24 EDT
WAS At least we are in the game at halftime.
BillyBigBeer | 14:24 EDT
WAS Wentz a pick machine.
BostonianFan1000 | 14:24 EDT
Heyyyy he fumbles too!
BarNunn | 14:25 EDT
WAS The Funeral look jersey is shining on this team.
BostonianFan1000 | 14:29 EDT

Third Quarter
WAS 50 yards passing lol. Glad we gave up all of our cap space and multiple picks for this.
Taylor703 | 14:37 EDT
(11:28) WAS punts
WAS This is quickly reaching Zorn levels of bad.
Taylor703 | 14:43 EDT
WAS Nothing good about that series.
Glenn#42 | 14:43 EDT
WAS DAL made halftime adjustments to stop the run.
pyrotech | 14:44 EDT
(10:44) PENALTY on WAS, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at DAL 8 - No Play
WAS Holy jumping Jehosaphats these penalties. TWO INTs taken back.
OviWankenobi | 14:46 EDT
WAS I haven't been this upset by the refs since MD v Duke like 20 years ago
SlingerOfPoo | 14:48 EDT
(9:52) DAL punts
WAS Cowboys: "We don’t want this game." Commandos: "Well don’t give it to us! We sure don’t want it."
ShahShahS21T | 14:50 EDT
WAS Offensive mastermind.
kilbyman | 14:55 EDT
WAS What? The draw didn't get them anywhere?
jmauthe | 14:55 EDT
WAS Absolutely incompetent. This falls directly on Rivera.
ShahShahS21T | 14:55 EDT
(7:55) WAS punts
WAS This offense is absolutely horrendous holy crap.
ga8085 | 14:56 EDT
WAS I don’t think we have had any positive yardage this half.
OviWankenobi | 14:56 EDT
WAS The only thing we command is the divisional basement. We could very easily be 0-3 (pending 0-4) if Jax didn't poop their pants on multiple occasions Wk1.
Erudite_Monk | 14:56 EDT
WAS It is laughable how little they think of Wentz.
monroekelly21 | 14:57 EDT
WAS This is brutal - I have no idea who is actually a good player on this team anymore.
WashingtonFMJ_BulletSkins | 14:58 EDT
(7:48) C.Rush pass deep middle to N.Brown to WAS 17 for 45 yards
WAS We can make a mediocre QB look like a Hall of Famer.
BillyBigBeer | 15:00 EDT
(4:56) B.Maher 28 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 15 - WAS 7
WAS Oh, boy! We get to go for 2 if we can somehow get into the end zone.
BillyBigBeer | 15:04 EDT
WAS So many opposing teams set career highs against Washington SMH.
murtd1 | 15:06 EDT
WAS Wentz with 65 yards passing so far. Has to be some kind of record for a starting QB.
jmauthe | 15:09 EDT
WAS This game is a disaster.
BigStef20 | 15:13 EDT
(1:27) WAS field goal is GOOD
DAL 15 - WAS 10
WAS Defense is melting.
Captainobvios | 15:18 EDT
(0:52) C.Rush pass incomplete deep middle to M.Gallup. PENALTY on WAS, DPI, 38 yards

Fourth Quarter
(14:54) C.Rush pass deep middle to C.Lamb for 30 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 22 - WAS 10
WAS Game.
BigStef20 | 15:23 EDT
WAS Lamb bracketed but no one on him at the goal line.
WMdSkinsFan | 15:23 EDT
WAS It's sad that we need two touchdowns to win this game and we have zero chance of doing that.
jefferboy | 15:23 EDT
WAS I've never seen seven guys in coverage just jog around without a care like that.
kleindropper | 15:23 EDT
WAS I checked. Rush is making less than $2M this year, Wentz $29M plus draft picks. I would rather have Rush.
TopCat24 | 15:24 EDT
WAS This is what happens when an offense can't even put a five-play drive together. These guys are getting worn down by Dallas' D-line.
Bugman91Navy | 15:24 EDT
WAS The coaches have completely lost the trust and respect of their players. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.
skinz77 | 15:24 EDT
WAS Rivera built this. It’s worse than what he inherited. It’s time for him to go.
Taylor703 | 15:24 EDT
WAS And now here comes a too little too late offense drive! We are so predictable every week
DCdepression | 15:25 EDT
WAS That draw play just shows that the coaches have no faith in Wentz. Another reason he needs to be benched.
Modi09 | 15:28 EDT
(12:42) WAS punts
WAS Can't. Won't listen to any snake oil Ron Rivera presser.
1052skins | 15:30 EDT
(11:27) B.Anger punts 22 yards to DAL 30
WAS This is Carson’s season. We have to have TD here. If not, done.
jefferboy | 15:33 EDT
WAS You can’t name and outfit your team for the XFL and expect them to be ready for the NFL.
OsExpat | 15:35 EDT
(8:45) C.Wentz sacked at DAL 16 for -6 yards (D.Fowler)
WAS This is painful.
Legacee | 15:41 EDT
WAS Clown show.
Hail74 | 15:42 EDT
WAS Worst team in the NFL.
Maroook! | 15:42 EDT
(8:02) C.Wentz pass incomplete. Turnover on downs.
(7:57) C.Rush pass incomplete deep right to M.Gallup. PENALTY on WAS, DPI, 27 yards
WAS Jackson again with another PI lmfao.
adam carter | 15:44 EDT
WAS If the owner wasn’t a dweeb loser, Rivera would be fired after this.
Taylor703 | 15:45 EDT
WAS Worst organization in football and nothing is going to change.
Maroook! | 15:45 EDT
(6:17) DAL punts
WAS Apparently the black was for the Wentz/Rivera career funeral.
monroekelly21 | 15:49 EDT
WAS Take Wentz out, he's lost. Giving up those 2nd and 3rd rounders was worth it, wasn't it?
adam carter | 15:49 EDT
WAS Giving up two thirds and paying him $29m was madness.
TheGump | 15:49 EDT
WAS Irsay is probably crazy drunk and laughing right now.
BarNunn | 15:50 EDT
(5:36) C.Wentz pass INTERCEPTED by D.Bland
WAS Yeah…. Burn it all down or whatever you want. I’m done.
WentzWorldExcellent | 15:51 EDT
WAS Game - Over
Wentz's Career - Over
Season - Over
Franchise - Over
HTTR86 | 15:51 EDT
(3:51) B.Maher 29 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 25 - WAS 10
WAS Imagine if it was DAK playing! This no name QB from Dallas is having fun.
BostonianFan1000 | 15:52 EDT
WAS Cowboys backup QB is better than our starter.
BarNunn | 15:53 EDT
WAS Dallas D in prevent. Carson will complete a couple of passes.
BarNunn | 15:56 EDT
(2:44) 4th & 2 - C.Wentz pass incomplete deep left to T.McLaurin (T.Diggs). Turnover on downs.
WAS Speeding at 150mph toward another losing season for Rivera. This will make it 3 winning seasons in 12 years. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Taylor703 | 16:00 EDT
(2:00) DAL punts
WAS Wentz avg time from snap to pass coming into this game has been 4.2 seconds. NFL avg 2.5,
BarNunn | 16:01 EDT
WAS We are bottom feeders!
Gilchrist | 16:06 EDT
No different than Dan Snyder.
1052skins | 16:10 EDT

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