Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Condiments: A better name than the Commanders

I am starting to think the Cowboys are allergic to scoring on any opening drive, but hey, a win is a win. Inactives: Prescott, Kearse, Matt Waletzko, Devin Harper, Nahshon Wright, and Jalen Tolbert. A hefty amount of those are rookies. Waletzko, a fifth-round draft pick from North Dakota, is one I'd like to see more from. The guy is a 6'8", 320-pound offensive lineman.

One thing we still need more of: Touchdowns. I do love Brett Maher kicking field goals for us. It's a lovely thing to have, a kicker that can kick. What's not so lovely is scoring more field goals than touchdowns. I have mixed feelings about where the Boys will (or could) be in a matter of weeks. Although, one thing I do know: the Cowboys are a week-by-week team. I say that with love. Our offense. CeeDee Lamb has woken up it seems like. Finally making the catches I know he can, and hopefully, it stays that way. Gallup returned with some nice plays and a touchdown. He's got a lot of time to make up, as he was gone since February with a torn ACL. Noah Brown has been a pleasant surprise this year. In a way, he reminds me of Cedrick Wilson. Not as much action in the run game. It did one thing: exhaust the Commander's defense. Goal complete.

Let's talk about Rush hour. Not a fantastic night for him, but not horrible either. He had two interceptions that were called back due to penalties. A lucky draw there. I bet he will most likely start against the Rams. Dak still has swelling in his hand, and we don't need that to get any worse. Rush is a great backup and I hope we keep him for a long time. Especially with an injury-prone Prescott...As far as Rush being the starter instead of Dak? I don't know about that.

Dak was looking great all those years ago, and then had the gruesome ankle injury - and downhill we went. All Cooper Rush fans should be called RushPuppies. The goal: Keep Rush in as long as possible (if he keeps playing well). There are many scenarios to this quarterback situation. If the offense begins to have a chemistry that puts up 40 points? Dak can sit out another week.

Our defense. One of the major reasons we are winning. Neville Gallimore sacked Carson Wentz within the first eight minutes of the game. Actually, let's say bulldozed. At 6'2", and 315 pounds, I would expect him to bulldoze. Fast forward to the beginning of the third quarter, where he TLF'd. Please and thank you. By the end of the second quarter, Wentz threw right into Trevon Diggs' hands. Not only that, but Parsons had great run defense on Sunday, putting Antonio Gibson into a trap. Parsons is never bad, let's get that straight. There isn't anything he can't do.

Malik Hooker was making plays out there as well. He's there when you need him most. Let's discuss the Dante Fowler pancake tackle. Third quarter, with eight minutes left, Fowler comes out of nowhere and squishes McKissic. Like he was a Jet-Puffed marshmallow. If you didn't know: Fowler was with the Atlanta Falcons. Who else was? Our current defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn. It's all about networking! Later, in the fourth quarter, Fowler sacked Wentz. Night night.

Let's talk penalties. We only had three for the entire game! I have never said that about us ever. Everything was in ship shape. I wish for it to stay that way. This game was free sauce packets. Next Sunday, we play the Super Bowl champs. However, after watching Monday Night Football...there is a possibility to beat them. With our defense, we may be able to do it. The key is for the defense and offense to work in tandem. We must make the Rams look like shaved sheep.


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