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Jerry Jones is keeping it coy when it comes to the status of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott

For once Jerry Jones is keeping it cool.

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The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best records in the NFL at the moment, although the fact that we are only through Week 4 certainly needs mentioning as some necessary context. Still, though, life is good for America’s Team as they are 3-1, but their next two weeks are going to pick up in intensity.

Week 5 will see the Cowboys travel for a road matchup against the Los Angeles Rams which will be interesting considering that L.A. is coming off of a beating fromt their division rivals in the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night. Cowboys fans are feeling optimistic that maybe a similar formula consisting of an insane pass rush and just enough offense can get it done for a fourth win in a row, but all of that obviously remains to be seen.

Matters will be made easier for the Cowboys should quarterback Dak Prescott return to action for the first time since leaving the season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mike McCarthy said on Monday that Dak will need a full week’s work of practice before being ready to return so we won’t get our first clue on this subject until Wednesday, but Jerry Jones spoke on Tuesday which is always an opportunity for information.

Jerry Jones is keeping it coy when it comes to the status of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott

It is pretty normal for Jerry Jones to hop on the radio and divulge some information about the Cowboys relative to their roster or plans for their upcoming game. It isn’t as if Jerry is giving away the opening game script or anything, but he certainly will be forward about this, that, or the other.

That was not the case on Tuesday. Appearing on 105.3 The Fan as he usually does. Jones was rather guarded when talking about Dak Prescott. It was kind of nice to see.

Transcribed by Mark Lane
105.3 The Fan

This is saying a lot without really saying anything, which again is a pleasant surprise when it comes to Jerry Jones. Mike McCarthy gave the biggest indication this week as to whether or not Prescott will play on Sunday by saying he would need to see a full week of practice and with an opportunity to steer into that Jones decided to play it coy. Although he did technically add that Dak cannot grip a football well enough to play at the moment so that is sort of leaning one way, but not the optimistic direction that Jerry likes to.

Obviously we will be paying an enormous amount of attention to Wednesday’s injury report to see whether or not Prescott is a participant and if so to what degree. McCarthy could always change his mind about needing to see his quarterback play a full week but he is pretty consistent when it comes to things like this so needless to say Wednesday is important.

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