Doomsday's Done: Renaming the Defense

This post is a cry for help! We fans are witnesses to a crime! We should be outraged! At the very least we should be capitalizing on the fun of trying to create a name for our amazing defense.

Why hasn't anyone already taken advantage of creating a name? Because we've been great before and now instead of reinventing ourselves we are satisfied with rehashing old news. Don't get me wrong, I respect our tradition and love the name DOOMSDAY DEFENSE. Man, that's got bite. It's was also created over 56 years ago. According to Wikipedia "The original "Doomsday Defense" can generally be identified as the Cowboys' defenses from 1966 to 1974."

That's means the original name died before I was born, I'm 46.

The traditional media is calling our defense "Doomsday Defense 4.0" this is not only incredibly lazy, but amazingly uninspired. What an opportunity wasted. Here we are in arguably one of the most exciting seasons defensively in over a decade and we're not just using a moniker that is over fifty years old, it's the fourth time we've done it! We as fans deserve better than that. More importantly, the players deserve more.

Embedded in the tired and recycled name are all the qualities that we Cowboy fans (and the DC program) get blasted over: Living in the past glory, Pride over substance, no real substance rather than glitz. So why not take this opportunity to reinvent the narrative? Why not celebrate who we are now instead of always going back to the trough of who we were?

We aren't sports writers so what are you gonna do? I recently read an article which explained how the nickname "Steel Curtain" came to be. One writer just kept using the term in all their articles. Eventually the repetition stuck. Steel Curtain it was. Why can't we do that?

We can. I have read your posts and comments over the years, I know our fanbase can be clever, witty, and creative. Here is the challenge: In the comments below come up with a new name for our defense. Explain why and share. Read the comments and share the ones you like. Then start calling it that. With respect it is time to retire "Doomsday" and let our current boys step out of the shadow of the past and make their own history.

In the interest of getting the ball rolling, I have two suggestions for different reasons.

Submission one the Stockade D. Definition: a barrier formed from upright wooden posts or stakes, especially as a defense against attack . This defense has so far only allowed one trip into our end zone per game. That's a Stockade. Stockade also has deep connections to Cowboy vernacular. The Cowboy Stockade has a nice ring to it.

Submission two: Quick Silver D. Definition: something that moves or changes very quickly, or that is difficult to hold or contain. If this doesn't describe our front line nothing will, It also compliments the agility of our linebackers and backfield. We are often called the Boys in Blue but Silver is also our color. Some might say the glitzier of the two but who listens to haters?

These are starting points to begin the conversation. I look forward to reading your suggestions.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.