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Cowboys game ball: CeeDee Lamb makes Swiss cheese of Packers secondary

CeeDee Lamb had a field day against the Packers secondary, it’s just too bad the Cowboys wasted it.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys’ longstanding bitter rivalry with the Green Bay Packers left fans of Cowboys Nation with yet another sour taste in their mouth. At points in the game, the Cowboys seemed to have things well in hand, leading by two scores in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the Cowboys were unable to hold their lead before falling 31-28 in overtime at Lambeau Field.

Disappointment aside, this was a well-fought game and the exploits of one player cannot go unaccounted for. Focusing on the silver (and blue) lining, let’s recap the performance of CeeDee Lamb as this week’s recipient of our game ball.

A jack of all trades

If there’s one characteristic about Lamb that gets overlooked, it would be his versatility. Lamb is a receiver that can truly line up anywhere in the formation. Outside the numbers, inside the slot, or even in the backfield.

The Cowboys took advantage of that versatility on their first touchdown of the game. After shifting into the backfield alongside Dak Prescott, Lamb released into the flat where Lamb avoided two Packers defenders for the first of two touchdowns for the game.

The middle man

As has been the case so many times this season, the Cowboys were without one of their starting weapons, leading to more of an offensive burden on CeeDee Lamb. Undeterred, Lamb stepped up and took it to the Green Bay secondary. In total, Lamb had over 100 yards, and is the first time a Cowboys receiver has surpassed that mark this season.

Lamb’s production didn’t come easy. Outside the numbers, he was tested by Green Bay’s premier cornerback, Jaire Alexander, and passed with flying colors. Even more noteworthy was the physicality and toughness Lamb showed over the middle of the field.

On one first-down conversion, Prescott delivered a strike to Lamb just before taking a big hit from Packers safety Adrian Amos. Lamb’s connection with Dak Prescott underneath allowed the Cowboys to stay in 3rd and manageable downs, or convert first downs to sustain drives.

A short memory

It would be very easy to hyper-focus on the one glaring blemish of Lamb’s afternoon. One interception thrown by Dak Prescott, as many suggested, was based on Lamb not flattening his pattern across the field and leading to an errant pass. Green Bay would eventually score on the ensuing possession, but what stands out is how Lamb and the Cowboys’ offense responded afterward.

After making that mistake, Lamb rebounded and proceeded to torch the Packers’ defense. After the Packers scored to tie the game at 14-14, Lamb recorded six catches for 110 yards, including a 35-yard touchdown on a great route. Lamb needs to work on not making the occasional lapse in judgment from time to time, but the resilience to not let it impact the rest of his day is admirable. As the season progresses, the Cowboys will need Lamb to continue his growth as their top wideout. With a pivotal game next week versus the Minnesota Vikings and needing to keep pace in the NFC East, a coming of age couldn’t come at a better time.

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