This team refuses to embrace it's identity

This team has an identity, but the powers that be refuse to embrace it. Who are they? They are a run-oriented offense with very good running backs and tight ends and o-line, that has fair to good receivers. They are missing a true hard core number one receiver and they have a quarterback that is good, but not very good unless he incorporates his legs into his game. Then, he rises to very good quarterback. He is only a fair to good arm talented quarterback that needs help around him and if he is asked to throw more than 30 times a game, he will lose.

The defense has some very good talent with one elite playmaker. There is a lot of depth there in the good talent range. However, they are not equipped to stop the run evidently, so this team must stay rested and make their hay on getting teams to 3rd and 4 or longer. Still, they are a very good defense.

Special teams is very good. Maybe the best they have been in 10 years.

This is the identity. However, they consistently give up on the run (even though it is working) and opt for Dak to take over a game with his arm. Dak can make some very good throws, but is too inconsistent to constantly be putting the game on his arm as he gets diminishing returns. If the team refuses to use Dak's legs then it only gets worse. This leads to a team that can beat up on the bad teams or bad opposing quarterbacks, but seems to never get it done against winning clubs or good quarterbacks. I believe Dak's most "elite" wins were in his rookie year. Beating the Packers and Steelers on the road. 2016 was a similar identity, but this year has a far superior defense and special teams.

So, run the dang ball and run it again and stick with it so that it pays dividends later. Hit those tight ends, we have three good ones. Use Turpin like Desean Jackson every now and then. You may not hit him, but put some scare over the top. Give your defense a blow. Sell out defensively early in a drive on the early downs to stop the run. Let the chips fall where they may.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.