Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay: We're the cheeseheads in this town.

I am a couple of days late getting this article out because I had to get that painful game out of my head. From the first quarter, I knew Green Bay would win. In short, poor playcalling, turnovers, and penalties were the cause of Dallas's demise. I'll get into stats soon, but first, let's talk about the hard road ahead.

We have no wide receivers. Lamb is the only one that counts. Despite the rumors of signing OBJ, we all know that Dallas won't do that. They need to though. Yet I am not the one making decisions on who to sign. (Dallas, call me!) This is getting embarrassing. One crucial call in OT was NOT kicking a field goal. We have Brett Maher. As Jerry says, 1+1=3. While I'm not a huge fan of field goals, when it's guaranteed points on the board; why would you not take it?

The defense was awful. This game should not have been like this. *Note, the bye-week hurt us.* While the Packers had lost five straight, they were ready to play. We were busy filling up hot tubs. Dallas underestimates a lot of the time. This applies to all teams: NEVER go off of their record. While stat-wise it provides projections, emotion is not factored into that. When a team has a chip on its shoulders - watch out. (Look at the Eagles losing to the Commanders).

DeMarcus Lawrence had the most success out of the day. That doesn't mean it was anywhere near our potential as a whole. Donovan Wilson was right behind him stat-wise. He is very underrated. Parsons struggled. While I hate to admit that, he did. Diggs? Nowhere on the field. Our D-line had a tough time. There was one play where Rodgers had 17 seconds to throw the ball. Yes, I counted.

Dak Prescott threw 46 times. FORTY-SIX! No. No. No! When Dak has to throw that much, things go downhill. He becomes inaccurate and hands out interceptions like it's Halloween. It would be different if we had wide receivers to throw to. See how much we need Elliott now? Pollard did all he could, but he got tripped up a couple of times. He needs the meat-tenderizer of Zeke to help him out. Schultz did a fair job. Although, he was completely beaten on that endzone play that caused an interception. Run faster! I've heard many say that Schultz is the unsung hero of that game. Honey, watch again. Do so while eating Green Bay cheese.

This is one of the most disappointing losses for Dallas. It ranks up there by the first game of the season. It bothers me because I know how much potential we have. I know we can do better. Why aren't we? Playoff team? HAH! Not I said the fly. *Note if I hear any more of our coaches say "well we still have a lot of football left." I am going to move to Green Bay myself.

Let's check our remaining schedule. Next week we play Minnesota. Get your tears ready now. After what I saw with GB, we have no chance. I know I said earlier to not look at records...well that's subjective. The week after we play the Giants. Then the Colts, Texans, Jaguars, Eagles, Titans, and finishing with the Condiment team. (Commanders). While we're waiting, let's come up with alternatives for the electoral college.
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