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Dak Prescott nearly flawless against Chicago | Week 8 all-22 film analysis

Jump into the all-22 tape breakdown of the Cowboys offensive performance against the Bears.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys offense was hyper-efficient Sunday against the Bears in a big 49-29 victory at home. They absolutely rolled on the ground, even a quarterback sneak popped for 20 yards in the second quarter.

However, what was most impressive after watching the tape was their 3rd and long passing game. It seemed like every time they faced 3rd and 7+ in the first half they had a quality route combination that gave them at least a chance at converting for a first down.

Their run-and-play action game was also highly effective when you watch the tape. They had guys running wide open on film because the Chicago Bears' defense had to react and commit to the run look.

The Cowboys also utilized an effective QB movement series, whether using a straight read zone concept or a traditional boot, it was highly effective when they got the ball into Dak’s hand.

Today we are jumping into the tape to break down seven total clips, six good, and one bad. I hope y’all enjoy it!

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