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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys at Vikings: ‘Now we know why Vegas favored the Cowboys’

Listen in on other fans as they watched the Cowboys demolish the Vikings.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings
Her: “You said we were really good this year and we should spend our Christmas money on these tickets and the babysitter would be worth it and if we won you would put up the Christmas lights early and not make my dad do it and...”
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Victory Monday, which means it’s time to take yet another leisurely stroll through the comments of football fans across the SB Nation network as they were watching the Dallas Cowboys demolish the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 40-3. That forty-burger makes the Cowboys 7-3 for the year and moves them back into second place in the NFC East. They have a big showdown with the New York Giants on Thursday, but before that it’s time to soak in the victory.

So sit back and relive Sunday’s game via the comments made by NFL fans around the league while watching the game.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Vikings Well, we will soon see if the "experts" are right or not.
modernvikings | 16:11 EDT
Vikings Gameplan against the Boys: Vikes dominate on O and D.
norsfan | 16:16 EDT
49ers Eagles seem like pretenders.
psychofancy | 16:18 EDT
Vikings I'm feeling a good Kirky day today!!!! Vikings will beat down the Cowboys.
stormofwisdom | 16:20 EDT
Vikings SKOL!
Ragnarsson | 16:26 EDT
(13:52) K.Cousins sacked at MIN 26 for -6 yards (M.Parsons). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-D.Armstrong
Vikings Well I hope that Cousins fumble isn't a sign of what is to come.
Purple SKOL! | 16:28 EDT
Vikings Ugh. Well that's not a good omen.
cpappa | 16:28 EDT
Eagles Dallas Sucks. Let's go Vikes! The good thing about this game is that there is no downside for the Birds no matter who wins but it's more fun to see the Cowbays meltdown when they lose.
KenTheSailor | 16:29 EDT
Vikings Hold em to a field goal!
Ragnarsson | 16:29 EDT
Vikings Can't rely on circus catches or end zone fumbles today, need a complete game...
FLViking11 | 16:29 EDT
(10:22) B.Maher 27 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - MIN 0
Commanders C’mon Captain Kirk… you owe us for all those franchise tags… made you rich… now beat them Cowboys.
1x1an | 16:34 EDT
Vikings Well at least the defense held and only gave up 3. Best you could hope for fumbling it that deep in your own territory.
cpappa | 16:34 EDT
Vikings The comeback is started!
norsfan | 16:34 EDT
Vikings Not a problem...just give us a reason to play harder.
Papaspud | 16:34 EDT
49ers The Vikings should probably being calling run plays 66% of the time against the Cowboys, instead they are doing the opposite.
bignerd | 16:42 EDT
(6:39) MIN field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - MIN 3
Vikings Nice drive, wish it was a TD... but I'll take it.
Papaspud | 16:44 EDT
Eagles I know it's better if the Vikes lose. I just can't...
Andy from BL | 16:48 EDT
Vikings I hate when the announcers say something like "he sure got away with a hold there" and then laugh about it. Just STFU.
Ragnarsson | 16:50 EDT
Vikings Pollard up the middle for 20.
modernvikings | 16:50 EDT
Vikings Pollard for another 20.
modernvikings | 16:50 EDT
Vikings Can we tackle please.
PurpleTwinkies | 16:50 EDT
Vikings Ugh they are gashing the defense now.
cpappa | 16:51 EDT
Eagles Hate how good Pollard is.
Bleedgreen93 | 16:53 EDT
(1:26) E.Elliott left guard for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 10 - MIN 3
Vikings TD Cowboys. Hopefully our offense can keep up, cuz our defense ain’t doing diddlysquat today.
PurpleTwinkies | 16:54 EDT
Commanders Chase Young has yet to face Micah Parsons on the opposing sideline. The season finale will end up being on Sunday Night and will definitely promote that battle.
gusbus9000 | 16:55 EDT
Young isn’t even in the same universe as Parsons. Absolutely NOTHING to promote there.
ShahShahS21T | 17:40 EDT
Parsons is what an actual "generational talent" looks like.
KyleSmithforGM | 17:49 EDT
Vikings This could be a long next two games if we cant stop the run. Dallas will continue running it down our throats and then NE comes to town on Thanksgiving and they have one of the best run games in the league
VikingsfaninCA | 17:55 EDT
Vikings We're probably going to get killed by ball control and Dallas' run game.
dlhouse | 17:57 EDT

Second Quarter
Vikings We got this.
Papaspud | 17:02 EDT
Vikings This is the Quarter where we take the lead.
vikingscubbiesbulls4life | 17:02 EDT
(14:20) K.Cousins sacked at MIN 41 for -6 yards (D.Armstrong)
Vikings Our O line is not doing as well this week. Granted, it's against Parsons.
Ragnarsson | 17:04 EDT
Vikings Ouch...
Wisconsin Mouth Breather | 17:04 EDT
(13:36) MIN punts
Vikings Well, Dallas getting it done so far!
Oldtowerguy | 17:05 EDT
Vikings Dork Cousins is back.
Yellowstoned | 17:05 EDT
Vikings Need a stop on D or this could get ugly.
KwesiTheDorkFromMensah | 17:06 EDT
Vikings Kirk Thugins is not present at this time.
BerserkerViking | 17:06 EDT
Vikings First things first, let's stop the runs.
Fan Since Fran | 17:06 EDT
Vikings C'mon boys.
Wisconsin Mouth Breather | 17:07 EDT
HJope you don't mean boys of the cow variety.
dlhouse | 17:08 EDT
Vikings Dallas is playing right into our hands. Take the lead and we will come back in the 4th.
PurpleReignInDE | 17:07 EDT
Vikings Our defense gonna break today I think.
PurpleTwinkies | 17:09 EDT
Vikings I’m not convinced we can stop Dallas on defense. Getting outclassed right now. Poor tackling and horrid run defense.
vikingjw | 17:10 EDT
Vikings This defense makes you want to turn the TV off.
PurpleReignInDE | 17:10 EDT
Vikings They are running right up the middle.
12mulatu | 17:10 EDT
Vikings This team is off. Feels like 38-7 all over again.
Yellowstoned | 17:12 EDT
Vikings According to DVOA Vikings are what, 18th? And Cowboys are 4th. Beginning to show that real quick right now.
PurpleTwinkies | 17:13 EDT
Vikings Cowboys can run the ball every darn play and we can't do anything about it.
dlhouse | 17:15 EDT
Vikings I think the Vikings are getting humbled here. The difference in the trenches is noticeable.
vikingjw | 17:17 EDT
Vikings For the love of God ... you Vikes have got to beat the Cowboys ... I will vomit if you don't.
MrNomad | 17:17 EDT
Vikings I haven’t seen a liability as bad as Booth at corner since Ryan Gossling played corner for the TC Williams Titans.
PurpleReignInDE | 17:17 EDT
* B. Breeland enters the chat.
norsfan | 17:19 EDT
(5:31) B.Maher 53 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 13 - MIN 3
Vikings FG is good... Dallas 13 MN 3
modernvikings | 17:18 EDT
Well they got down by 17 last week before the offense woke up. Hope they wake up NOW!
Frode the sad | 17:18 EDT
Thats what a plus 50 yard FG kick looks like, huh!
Oldtowerguy | 17:19 EDT
Vikings 3 and out by the O
modernvikings | 17:24 EDT
What "O"?
AdvocatusPeregrini | 17:24 EDT
Vikings 32 yard punt.... Dallas 1st and 10 at the MN 41
modernvikings | 17:24 EDT
Vikings You know things are bad when even our kicker isn't playing well.
Fan Since Fran | 17:24 EDT
(4:33) MIN punts
Vikings Not feeling it today. Dallas scores here, I think we can call it a day. Being chewed up!
Oldtowerguy | 17:25 EDT
Vikings My wife is a Cowboys fan. Going to get real awkward in my house if we lose.
PurpleReignInDE | 17:25 EDT
Vikings Dallas is so much better than their record. This Parsons kid is like a once in 5-decade talent.
ToadLicker | 17:26 EDT
Vikings What a joke of the first half for the Vikings.
PurpleTwinkies | 17:29 EDT
Vikings Maybe the Vikings need to set their clocks back 3 hours the week prior to these late games.
schnur07 | 17:31 EDT
Cousins for sure. 11am Cousins only please.
NM_Vike | 17:32 EDT
Vikings I do not believe we are coming back from being down 17 today, luck probably runs out today.
coach mark | 17:31 EDT
Vikings Now we know why Vegas favored the Cowboys. A lot smarter than us.
rvdoc | 17:33 EDT
Vikings They don't even have to pass, just keep running it, sigh.
FLViking11 | 17:34 EDT
Vikings Mike McCarthy is the Vikings daddy.
Yellowstoned | 17:34 EDT
(1:43) D.Prescott pass to T.Pollard for 30 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 20 - MIN 3
Vikings Welp, that's that. Adios. See you guys Thanksgiving.
Yellowstoned | 17:35 EDT
Vikings Can’t believe they’re only point-and-a-half underdogs.
coach mark | 17:36 EDT
Vikings Vikings defense is butter and the Cowboys offense is a hot knife.
sooironrange | 17:36 EDT
Vikings F Skip Bayless. That is all.
PurpleReignInDE | 17:37 EDT
Best comment I've seen in the last 5 minutes.
BetioChaps | 17:37 EDT
Vikings Vikings look dead. They ain't coming back this week. Oh well. Clock has finally struck midnight.
cpappa | 17:38 EDT
Vikings Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
Fan Since Fran | 17:38 EDT
(1:05) K.Cousins sacked at MIN 38 for -8 yards (M.Parsons)
Vikings How are they letting Parsons free?
Ragnarsson | 17:43 EDT
Nobody can block him.
vikefan84 | 17:43 EDT
He is a premier pass rusher playing against a backup.
Gibraltar | 17:44 EDT
Letting him free?? He's a game changer.
stormofwisdom | 17:51 EDT
Vikings Cousins is totally flustered... the old Kirk is here.
modernvikings | 17:44 EDT
flustered= getting pounded every play.
Papaspud | 17:46 EDT
Commanders Minnesota's O Line getting destroyed.
BobCohen in Bama | 17:46 EDT
(0:41) MIN punts
Vikings That punt was our highlight.
Jeter325 | 17:46 EDT
Vikings Good thing the World Cup is on for the next month. Going to be a brutal stretch for this team.
Yellowstoned | 17:48 EDT
Vikings Man, are the announcers making fun of Minnesota now...
modernvikings | 17:48 EDT
(0:13) D.Prescott pass deep right to C.Lamb ran ob at MIN 42 for 27 yards.
Eagles Vikings are getting bullied out there. Yeesh.
A Graham Short | 17:51 EDT
Vikings Wish we had a real kicker.
Yellowstoned | 17:51 EDT
(0:00) B.Maher 60 yard field goal is GOOD - No play, previous play under review
Vikings Replay stopped the kick...oh my... checking the pass.
modernvikings | 17:51 EDT
Vikings catch stands... I disagree with it... rekick from 60 yards.
modernvikings | 17:53 EDT
The Replay Official reviewed the previous pass completion ruling, and the play was Upheld. The ruling on the field stands
Eagles The Vikings have no chance of protecting Kirk right now. Getting pushed around.
Whatcanyoudo10 | 17:54 EDT
Eagles How do you make the field goal and then review the play before it? Goodell the clown needs to review the league's officiating. Like now.
slashsnake | 17:54 EDT
(0:00) B.Maher 60 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 23 - MIN 3
Vikings Would have been good from 70.
someguy67 | 17:55 EDT
Vikings Their kicker is better from 60+ than ours is kicking extra points, very sad.
Papaspud | 17:57 EDT
Vikings Not sure Dallas will punt today.
vikingjw | 17:58 EDT
Vikings The worst 8-1 team in history.
NM_Vike | 17:59 EDT
Chargers That kid in Dallas can kick, man. Just drilled one 60 yards down the middle, would've been good from 65+, after being iced on the previous play, which he also nailed. Fun to watch. So is Micah Parsons, that dude is DPOY.
pennyforyourthoughts | 18:00 EDT
Vikings One thing about it if the Vikes come back from this it will be an epic Dallas choke.
modernvikings | 18:06 EDT
Vikings After today OBJ will be heading to Dallas... his picks were down to two... Giants or Dallas...
modernvikings | 18:08 EDT

Third Quarter
Vikings Defensive adjustment - 12 men on the field, I guess it's ok now.
HagarTheHorrible | 18:09 EDT
Vikings Nice to know most of the country is watching this, probably thinking what a bunch of pretenders. Embarrassing.
woggerone | 18:12 EDT
(12:32) D.Prescott pass deep right to T.Pollard for 68 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 30 - MIN 3
Vikings Pollard for a TD... Hicks got beat like a fricken drum and of course with a 3 and 14 do we blitz? No, why do that when we can let Dallas score a 68-yard TD... this D coordinator needs to go...
modernvikings | 18:13 EDT
Saints Wow the Vickies are getting their asses handed to them.
metryman | 18:15 EDT
Eagles Dallas has this one in hand, and it somehow works out better for us. Going to take a shower now.
Monday Night Koy | 18:16 EDT
(12:32) K.Cousins sacked at MIN 18 for -7 yards (D.Lawrence)
Vikings Cousins has no time to throw at all.
Ragnarsson | 18:17 EDT
Vikings We are doomed.
coach mark | 18:17 EDT
Saints Cowboys putting a butt whooping on the Vikings.
JRick's Burner Account | 18:18 EDT
Eagles Statement game from Dallas, no doubt about it…..
HoosierNovaDeac | 18:18 EDT
Vikings Everyone that attended the game should get a full refund. Except the Cowboy fans who are having the time of their lives.
woggerone | 18:18 EDT
Vikings Why does the media give us no respect?!
Oldtowerguy | 18:18 EDT
You are watching the reason why.
vikingjw | 18:18 EDT
Vikings Sack... the line has quit... the announcers are even laughing now.
modernvikings | 18:19 EDT
(10:59) K.Cousins sacked at MIN 6 for -10 yards (D.Fowler)
Saints Ha "You Like That" Kirk Cousins.
metryman | 18:20 EDT
Eagles I know the Vikes OL has issues but hot diggity, the Cowboys front is disgusting. Cousins is getting destroyed.
GBAB1973 | 18:20 EDT
Vikings Has a team ever been 8-2 with more points against than points for?
arizonaviking | 18:21 EDT
Vikings At least it only counts as 1 loss.
mjmrad | 18:21 EDT
Vikings Worst half of the year? The second half just said “hold my beer”.
Badfinger99 | 18:18 EDT
Vikings At this rate, Dallas is going to put up 60.
Fan Since Fran | 18:24 EDT
(8:51) D.Prescott pass deep left to N.Brown to MIN 1 for 35 yards. Minnesota challenged the pass completion ruling, and the play was Upheld. The ruling on the field stands.
Vikings Wait for the replays before throwing the challenge flag, KOC!
rvdoc | 18:25 EDT
49ers Lol, how on earth are the Vikings 8-1 coming into this week?
Giants49ers | 18:27 EDT
(8:15) E.Elliott left guard for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 37 - MIN 3
Vikings This was a complete physical, mental, coaching beatdown. I could be ok if they even showed a little fight.
Oldtowerguy | 18:33 EDT
Eagles Dak is lighting it up. Just like last year when he led the league in passing...we can't afford to stumble like we did today and lose another game, or Dallas will be in the drivers seat and control their own destiny and we will be on the road as a wild card.....
sacksfuhls | 18:34 EDT
Vikings Didn’t see this coming; but can’t wait for tomorrow’s TTN!!!
jmays | 18:34 EDT
Vikings Cowboys have yet to punt. Great showing for their fans.
Frode the sad | 18:34 EDT
Vikings Good teams don't get beat like this. Vikings getting exposed.
Tommy Thumb | 18:35 EDT
Vikings Can we challenge the 30 points on the incorrect side of the scoreboard?
norsfan | 18:36 EDT
Vikings Cowboys will at some point go into a prevent defense then maybe the Vikings can score.
Frode the sad | 18:36 EDT
Vikings 112 yards of offense for MN Dallas 365.
modernvikings | 18:39 EDT
(6:11) MIN punts
Vikings Please end this. Please end this soon.
Halluxx | 18:42 EDT
Vikings Vegas knew....somehow they always know..
davecontrols | 18:43 EDT
Vegas didn't know crap. Dallas was -2. This is a curb stomping.
NM_Vike | 18:44 EDT
Vikings Unbelievable - CBS just cut away from the game.
Kramer_to28 | 18:43 EDT
(4:11) DAL punts
Vikings CBS just switched games. Thank you CBS.
NM_Vike | 18:44 EDT
Vikings CBS showing us some mercy.
woggerone | 18:45 EDT
Vikings And Dallas still has not had to punt.
Frode the sad | 18:46 EDT
Commanders YOU VIKE THAT
kilbyman | 18:49 EDT
Vikings Just one more reason to hate the Cowboys. This game is like watching a boxer punch a baby.
Frode the sad | 18:49 EDT
(1:38) K.Cousins sacked at MIN 31 for -3 yards (D.Armstrong)
Vikings DAL just rushed like 3, and they still got a sack.
Ragnarsson | 18:52 EDT
(1:16) MIN punts

The quarter of bottomless despair
Vikings I can't believe how much time is left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the death of a thousand cuts, slow and painful.
Frode the sad | 18:58 EDT
(10:04) B.Maher 50 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 40 - MIN 3
Vikings Down 37 with almost a quarter to go.
woggerone | 19:06 EDT
Vikings And they keep driving up the score. It's now 40-3 and counting.
Frode the sad | 19:07 EDT
Vikings Need Patrick Peterson to intercept the ball 6 times and we're right back in it.
woggerone | 19:07 EDT
(8:16) MIN punts
Vikings Have we started the comeback yet?
Fan Since Fran | 19:11 EDT
(3:34) DAL punts
Vikings This one is on me. I started believing last week after the Buffalo game.
Purple Faithful | 19:34 EDT
Packers Sooo, what was that from MIN?
Michael V Herndon | 19:42 EDT

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