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Read the comments, but have been so successful at refraining from commenting myself. Several times I have had to go find my phone as I threw it away to keep from exploding. Then I found the ignore button and now I am not losing weight.

Fantasy sports have been around so long they have replaced the game itself. So many commenters bash the GM! Why you say? Because they have been a GM themselves for years. I know crazy huh? Kind of like JJ and his skill set as a GM. Yet there they are multiple repeat champions in their office league. It’s how Will McClay got his job, right?

So much discussion about salaries, you would think it’s all about the money nowadays! In the old days no good player would ever be allowed to leave the team. Now we are always talking about where one of our players are going to be next year. Salary cap implications now mean there are not lifelong team players for the most part. We are on the verge of signing an ex GIant???? No teams, just a collection of players, just like the Pro Bowl and NBA.

Micah Parsons is the second coming of Randy White! Dude is driven and is definitely what we have been missing as a franchise for 25 years. Ware was a tremendous player and talent, but Paraons is next level from him and that is why we will win a Super Bowl this year or next. All bets are off after that as he will leave Dallas for….money.

I don’t like OBJ shopping to any team that will get him another ring. Another example of the player being above the team! Never believe these kind of signings do not breed bad feelings. Guys have been working their ass off since July and some guy comes in gets millions and glory. Noah Brown has really gotten his first major field time and when OBJ comes in who will be affected the most? They all want that ring so they all will say the right stuff, but if it goes south, and in football that is a more than fair chance, then the feelings will be exposed.

Does anyone know what it’s like to have OCD and refrain from commenting? I have removed my self from all blogs and sites for the most part and it’s like having candy, cake, and ice cream sitting in front of me and never touching it. So glad the wife went over to her mothers so I have the freedom to do a fan post!

Run defense is misleading is it not? Outside of the Packers game, we have had a few teams that could not pass on us, but had some success running. Running the ball takes more time off the clock as long as they aren’t 20 yard gains at a time. Which we have had too often! I don’t think many teams will win against us unless they have an Aaron Rodgers passing the ball 10 times and hitting three for TDS. It’s a passing league and most teams just can’t build a lead by running on us, but we are more than capable of building leads in our offense. I just don’t see any other team doing what the Packers did. That I said I sure hope they don’t make playoffs cause I will never trust Aaron,Ever!

Sam Williams is going to be a nightmare by next year. I see him as the starter going forward. He is another manster himself. Heck he even has the number down Pat. Been very impressed with his streak of nastiness. I just love that kind of stuff in my defensive players.

I would say now at this time of the season that every offseason move the FO did has worked out very well. Of course the 500 GMs on the site railed against them. Stupid backwoods country bumpkin clowns who couldn’t manage a bucket of sand. Personally when I watch the draft or watch the signings they do, I never am all that excited by what transpires. I don’t follow college ball and I will never like Free Agency when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. I liked it better when they were indentured servants for 15-20 years lol ! I know it’s better for the players as it should be, but an old man can dream…..

So what happened to JJs love child? That sure disappeared quickly! Much like Jimmy Hoffa!

how about Jimmy Johnson and his new book? Will we ever get over Jerry being an Egotistical drunk when he fired Jimmy? That horse is so beat and so dead it’s like the Landry firing, it just has no meaning any longer, except to Herry and Jimmy.

My favorite commercial are the Progressive insurance where the fellow is helping young people from becoming like their parents. Sure could have used that guy before I turned into my Mom. That was her lasting legacy to me!

since I was a kid I believed in the Dallas Cowboys. They were my sure thing. As my life was sliding into hell each Sunday they gave me reason to raise my head and be a winner. Many people talk about the drought the team has been in for quite some time and I can only say I sure hope we make it a super bowl this year cause I need it like a heroin addict needs a fix. Maybe worst!

McCarthy is a very good coach. Not near enough stories about his management style. It seems to me he is more reserved line Landry. I always liked Garrett and hated to see him go, but I feel Jerry did an outstanding job hiring Mike.

How come we don’t see as many break away shots of the cheerleaders anymore? Did they all get married? Used to be every game we got to see the ladies.

Pollard should have been kept on my fantasy team it seems.

We are in search of a Yellowbeard

Tis the holiday season that is upon us again! I wish all of you a very safe holiday season and every day thereafter! This is our year as it is every year lol stay safe, eat well, love hard, and send all charitable donations to me as I need all you can give! Lol

oh by the way I make over .50 a week modeling! Yeah!

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