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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys vs Giants: ‘Micah Parsons is just ridiculous’

Read what other fans had to say as they watched the Cowboys show up the Giants.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It may be Black Friday in most of the country, but it’s all sunshine and unicorns in Cowboys Nation as the Cowboys celebrate Victory Friday and move to 8-3 with the win over the Giants. It wasn’t as clean of a win as the previous game against the Vikings, but beating an NFC East rival is always good.

Here’s your chance to relive what fans of other NFL teams were saying while they were watching the Cowboys outclass the Giants - via the comments made by those fans while watching the game.

Follow along as the drama unfolded on Thursday and the game inched towards its inevitable conclusion.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Giants Hold on to your butts fellas. I don’t think it will take very long to figure out how this is going to go.
roar13 | 16:29 EDT
Giants No sacks or negative yards = victory.
EasyRider28 | 16:39 EDT
(12:55) NYG punt
Giants What a waste of a great punt.
GiantsFirst | 16:40 EDT
Giants Saquon needs new cleats or something, slipped twice already.
Doctor Al | 16:40 EDT
Giants Only 5 minutes in and at least 3 plays not made, including that punt. Freaking annoying thus far.
lovemygmen | 16:42 EDT
Giants Hope they're changing their cleats. 3 slips in the first 5 plays isn't good.
Ascherr82 | 16:42 EDT
Giants I will sign up for limiting to a field goal.
roar13 | 16:42 EDT
Giants The run D has to be better today if they have a chance. Don't want to see Dak, Zeke, Pollard and Lamb run all over them.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 16:44 EDT
Giants Really they are going for it? Of course.
roar13 | 16:44 EDT
(11:40) 4th-and-2: E.Elliott left tackle to DAL 41 for 1 yard.
Turnover on downs
Giants Nice, Go D!!
RunRodneyRun | 16:45 EDT
Giants Dallas paid the price for disrespecting our D.
64 Year Fan | 16:45 EDT
Giants This is why I hate Dallas with a passion!!! So cocky that they thought they would get that.
Crazed Dog Days | 16:45 EDT
Giants TD coming up. I'm strangely confident in the offense today.
Timberland_Boat_Shoes | 16:46 EDT
(10:47) D.Jones sacked at DAL 24 for -7 yards (D.Armstrong)
Giants CANNOT settle for FG's today.
sexyscottish | 16:47 EDT
Giants Points on the board regardless of this drive. They are in the territory.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 16:48 EDT
(9:44) NYG field goal is GOOD
DAL 0 - NYG 3
Giants Skip Baseless this week called Pollard better than Barkley.
Giantstep | 16:56 EDT
Giants And here we go. All momentum gone. Dallas marching.
roar13 | 16:57 EDT
(7:15) D.Prescott pass short left intended for M.Gallup INTERCEPTED
sexyscottish | 16:58 EDT
Giants Interception!
IronGiant18 | 16:58 EDT
Giants Have to have a TD off this turnover.
64 Year Fan | 16:58 EDT
Giants TD coming up. I'm strangely confident in the offense today.
Timberland_Boat_Shoes | 16:59 EDT
sexyscottish | 17:02 EDT
Because pressure.
Giantstep | 17:03 EDT
And a bad throw.
64 Year Fan | 17:03 EDT
U didn’t see the guy in his face?????
81ta | 17:03 EDT
Giants God I want the Cowboys to lose so bad but your QB is not making that happen lol
PurpleTwinkies | 17:03 EDT
(6:06) NYG punt
Giants C'mon offense! You have to take advantage of free drives off of turnovers!
BarfieldBestArmEver | 17:04 EDT
Giants Of course 3 and out. All this team does. Even Browns have done better off turnovers than this team.
Dior711 | 17:04 EDT
Jets I wonder if the Giants should bench Jones.
LawyerUp21$ | 17:05 EDT
Eagles NYG play like Philly-light. RPO's, just with a worse QB, WRs, and line.
PhillyKidinThe303 | 17:05 EDT
Giants The Oline is weak, their Dline is insane, gonna be tough all night.
KevRich44 | 17:05 EDT
Giants We can’t get anything going on offense. Two turnovers and only 3 points is unacceptable.
IronGiant18 | 17:05 EDT
Giants I haven’t seen a single Giant wide receiver make a contested catch like Gallup just made all season long.
roar13 | 17:08 EDT
As Gallup makes another tough one... *face palm*
Timberland_Boat_Shoes | 17:09 EDT
Giants Dak looks good.
sexyscottish | 17:09 EDT
Giants The Cowboys have been completing some impressive throws.
IronGiant18 | 17:09 EDT
Helps having a REAL QB.
sexyscottish | 17:10 EDT
Those are all well-covered plays. Gallup is literally a real wide receiver who makes plays.
roar13 | 17:11 EDT
Giants Why can't our O run plays like that?
EasyRider28 | 17:11 EDT
Giants Prescott been perfect this drive. Good coverage. But to no avail.
Ughagain | 17:13 EDT
Giants So far, it looks like the Giants are playing as hard as they can, but are likely going to lose. That's my early take.
lovemygmen | 17:14 EDT

Second Quarter
(14:55) E.Elliott up the middle for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 7 - NYG 3
Giants Brutal. That’s just horrendous.
roar13 | 17:15 EDT
Giants was bound to happen.
sexyscottish | 17:15 EDT
Giants If you have Lawrence and Williams. How can they run be up the middle for major yards?
Ughagain | 17:16 EDT
Giants If the Cowboys throw the ball again, McCarthy and Moore should be fired, cause we can’t stop them.
Iommellial | 17:16 EDT
200 percent. They are literally obliterating our DLine off the snap.
roar13 | 17:17 EDT
Giants I could have run through that hole.
Jason Wise | 17:16 EDT
Giants 7-3 let's drive down the field and score here.
Giantstep | 17:17 EDT
Giants It really is David vs. Goliath here, the Cowboys are better than the Giants in every facet of the game.
The Theme | 17:19 EDT
Giants Dallas leads the league in penalties and not gonna get any at home today.
Giantstep | 17:19 EDT
Giants Can we leave Kafka in Dallas?
LegionofBlue14 | 17:21 EDT
Giants We literally can’t run the ball. Why the heck are we not calling plays like the first drive?
roar13 | 17:21 EDT
(9:28) S.Barkley up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 7 - NYG 10
Giants Touchdown Saquon!
IronGiant18 | 17:24 EDT
Giants Alright it’s a game, we need some defense.
Doctor Al | 17:25 EDT
Giants Is it me or have we literally thrown more deep passes in one half than all the previous games combined??? Desperation mode??? Hmmm.
BigBlueBallaz | 17:25 EDT
You are not wrong.
roar13 | 17:25 EDT
Grinding it out won't work against the Cowboys.
Lone Rhino | 17:27 EDT
Giants Micah was out in that series.
Doctor Al | 17:25 EDT
He was hiding from Andrew Thomas.
GiantsFirst | 17:26 EDT
(8:40) DAL punts
Giants Conservative ball control is not the answer here. Attack them.
roar13 | 17:31 EDT
49ers I want to see some delicious Skip Bayless tears today. Go Giants! Cowboys are overrated!!!
Djo719 | 17:32 EDT
Giants I would NEVER return punts in the NFL. You just get killed.
Giantstep | 17:32 EDT
I like watching them from the couch.
roar13 | 17:32 EDT
Eagles That was an epically long chips commercial.
TSPC37730 | 17:34 EDT
Giants Just getting nothing from our run game.
roar13 | 17:35 EDT
You have to have an O line to have a running game.
64 Year Fan | 17:36 EDT
I know. Why doesn’t Kafka know that?
roar13 | 17:37 EDT
Commanders The decision who to root for in this one is easy: Which team’s fans being unhappy today makes me most happy?
Gravy Goodtime | 17:36 EDT
Cowboys, they're insufferable atm thanks to 40-3.
Czechurself | 17:39 EDT
(7:40) NYG punt
Giants 3 and out.
64 Year Fan | 17:36 EDT
Giants Parsons so very quick.
MOGGA | 17:37 EDT
Giants That first series must have been scripted …. It had the Cowboys off balance and got guys open in space. Now it looks predictable and vanilla.
roar13 | 17:38 EDT
Good old Kafka.
Giantstep | 17:38 EDT
Giants Gallup is having a game.
IronGiant18 | 17:40 EDT
Giants That beautiful pocket Dak gets to scan the field from.
roar13 | 17:40 EDT
Giants Cool ball control strategy Kafka …. Meanwhile Cowboys marching.
roar13 | 17:41 EDT
Giants Gallup is dogging our corners.
RussellStringerBell | 17:42 EDT
Giants We won’t get a chance for a full offensive drive again till midway through the 3rd quarter down 2 scores.
roar13 | 17:43 EDT
Giants Wow. Another holding call against the Cowboys.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 17:46 EDT
Giants Reading this thread you wouldn’t think we were winning with a bunch of backups.
chuckdaily | 17:49 EDT
Eagles It's crazy that not too long ago we were with the worst division in the NFL and now we're arguably the best.
Fly Like An Eagle | 17:50 EDT
Giants I’ve seen the Giants lose to the Cowboys almost this entire decade. I think a lot of us are hungry to finally win one against Dak….
Jason Wise | 17:51 EDT
Eagles Close game. The longer the Cowboys let NY hang around, the more the Giants will believe they can win this game. Cowboys are already melting down and it's a 3-point game in the second quarter. Next 10 days will be hilarious to watch if they lose.
KenTheSailor | 17:52 EDT
(2:00) D.Prescott pass deep middle intended for C.Lamb INTERCEPTED
Giants 2nd interception of the day!
IronGiant18 | 17:53 EDT
Giants Money!
RunRodneyRun | 17:53 EDT
Giants Absolutely huge.
roar13 | 17:53 EDT
Giants They have to do something with it this time.
Wayward_Son | 17:53 EDT
Giants We don’t have time or protection for these traditional drop backs.
roar13 | 17:57 EDT
Giants 3 shots at the end zone and a FG..?
Giantswin5th | 18:02 EDT
(0:00) NYG field goal is GOOD
DAL 7 - NYG 13
Giants The Giants take a 6 point lead into the half.
IronGiant18 | 18:04 EDT
Giants Points on the board to end the half. Very important.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 18:05 EDT
Giants O wow . . . the Jonas Brothers. Think I'll take a dump.
Snap Shot | 18:05 EDT
Giants The way this game is flowing is literally taking a bit of time off of my life. This is freaking intense.
lovemygmen | 18:07 EDT
Giants I don't care how but I want us to spoil Thanksgiving in Texas.
Culeblaugrana77 | 18:10 EDT
Eagles Blogging the Boys in full meltdown.
Fly Like An Eagle | 18:11 EDT
It’s only halftime and they are only 6 pts behind. Seems a little early for a meltdown. Mild panic, maybe
nononono | 18:13 EDT
Surely nothing compares to BGN meltdowns, which happen when when we are up.
AK 74 | 18:31 EDT
Eagles I'm less worried about the Cowboys than I am the Giants at this juncture.
T0ro | 18:13 EDT
You are detached from reality if you fear the Giants more than the Cowboys.
GBAB1973 | 21:03 EDT
Giants Gotta admit, after the complete beatdown the Cowboys gave the 8-1 Vikings last week, I didn't give us much of a chance especially being on the road in a short week, yet here we are...
Fast-Eddie | 18:24 EDT

Third Quarter
Giants Why do we come out flat on defense after the half, week after week?
Timberland_Boat_Shoes | 18:28 EDT
Chiefs Giants defense coming out of the half just a hair too aggressive.
NHChiefsfan | 18:29 EDT
Giants The only time we can stop the run is on 4th and one.
EasyRider28 | 18:34 EDT
Giants If Dallas scores a TD our chances of winning dwindle quite a bit even though we'd only be down one.
Fast-Eddie | 18:35 EDT
Giants Man, this is a wear-you-down, clock-eating drive.
roar13 | 18:35 EDT
Giants This drive ate half the 3rd quarter.
roar13 | 18:38 EDT
That's good for us. We can't get into a track meet with these guys.
RGVcuse | 18:40 EDT
Giants Darn. Cannot get off field if you blitz and don’t get home. With our DB’s that is no bueno.
Ughagain | 18:38 EDT
Eagles Sooo frustrating watching the Giants blitz every other play. Just asking to get burned.
TheGreatJB99 | 18:39 EDT
Giants Can't stand McCarthy.
blue-badger | 18:42 EDT
Giants How is it possible that this many players can be injured on one team after only half a season?
AustenMillbarge | 18:43 EDT
(7:21) D.Prescott pass short left to D.Schultz for 15 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 14 - NYG 13
Giants Absolutely horrendous, brutal, soul-destroying drive.
roar13 | 18:44 EDT
Giants Dang. Coverage has not been bad. Throws and catches are just better.
Ughagain | 18:45 EDT
Eagles How are the Giants 7-3? I will never understand it.
phillyphighter3 | 18:46 EDT
Giants Offense needs to somehow come out and be in sync after not being on the field for over an hour.
roar13 | 18:47 EDT
Giants Anyone seen Golladay? Asking for a fanbase.
onthemound10 | 18:48 EDT
Giants We will now drive the ball 45 yards, take 6 minutes off the clock, and have to punt...
Fast-Eddie | 18:48 EDT
(5:40) D.Jones sacked at NYG 40 for -1 yards (M.Parsons)
Giants Here comes the bloodbath.
AustenMillbarge | 18:51 EDT
Giants Punt it.
blue-badger | 18:51 EDT
(4:11) 4th-and-1: D.Jones pass incomplete short right to S.Barkley
NYG turnover on downs
Giants C'mon Barkley..
RGVcuse | 18:52 EDT
Giants What the heck was that throw Daniel?
onthemound10 | 18:52 EDT
Giants That’s game.
roar13 | 18:52 EDT
Giants That’s not a great throw but Barkley absolutely has to catch that.
Ughagain | 18:52 EDT
Giants Well there goes the neighborhood.
Harry Paratestes | 18:52 EDT
Commanders I would chip Parsons on every single play. He would hate life after being hit in the shins 58 times in a row.
IrishSkins | 18:53 EDT
Giants Jones and Barkley both letting us down rn.
RussellStringerBell | 18:53 EDT
Giants I hope they don’t just fold now.
Jason Sehorn | 18:53 EDT
They just did man.
roar13 | 18:53 EDT
Giants Gonna draft 6 CBs this year, I don't care.
onthemound10 | 18:56 EDT
Giants Lmao….. the implosion. This is the disaster we all predicted. Just needed to tease us and give us hope first.
roar13 | 18:57 EDT
onthemound10 | 18:57 EDT
Giants Very frustrating third quarter.
Ughagain | 18:59 EDT
Giants Their stars making plays. Giants stars not so much.
Ughagain | 19:19 EDT
You mean star. We have one.
Bellomy150 | 19:19 EDT
Giants It's like grown men against kids with their receivers against our undersized, inexperienced and beat up secondary...
Fast-Eddie | 19:19 EDT
(2:02) D.Prescott pass short right to D.Schultz for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 21 - NYG 13
Giants Maybe in my lifetime we will be able to cover a TE.
yahyahs8440 | 19:01 EDT
Only if you are 5 years old or younger.
Ughagain | 19:07 EDT
Giants Dallas TEs, stuff of Giants nightmares.
supfrankie | 19:02 EDT
Year after year after year after year. Covering tight ends is the Giants kryptonite. The ghost of Jason Witten lives on.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 19:03 EDT
Giants We're only down 8 yet it feels like 20...
Fast-Eddie | 19:02 EDT
Giants I’m have PTSD memories of Witten after that TD.
ClutchPass | 19:03 EDT
Giants I can handle a Giants loss, but a loss to this team gets my bowels in a knot.
AustenMillbarge | 19:05 EDT
Eagles Amazing how Barkley is almost non-existent in big games. The Giants will give it to him 50 times against the Eagles though.
phillyphighter3 | 19:06 EDT
Giants Running on 2nd and long is the most infuriating play call in the NFL
Ascherr82 | 19:07 EDT
But we continue to do it.
MOGGA | 19:07 EDT
Giants Another 3rd and long. Ugh.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 19:08 EDT
Giants Two runs in a row. This is looking familiar.
MrBenks | 19:08 EDT
Giants Kakfka setting them up to fail.
roar13 | 19:09 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Eagles Kudos to Daboll man. Coached this team to 7 wins with an offense that is so bad it damn near sets the game of football back decades.
Bleedgreen93 | 19:10 EDT
I’ve seen recreational flag football teams with more explosive offenses.
phillyphighter3 | 19:11 EDT
(14:54) NYG punt
Giants 3 horrible play calls in a row. No chance.
Ughagain | 19:10 EDT
Giants Good grief that was bad.
AustenMillbarge | 19:10 EDT
Giants I can’t even begin to understand what they’re doing.
Jason Sehorn | 19:11 EDT
Giants Right now we’re just being outplayed…
ClutchPass | 19:12 EDT
Giants And most of you people thought the Giants were a playoff team? funny...
Jints 1 | 19:13 EDT
Shut up.
KevRich44 | 19:13 EDT
Giants The first half was nice but now this just looks like all the recent Dallas/Giants games.
Jason Sehorn | 19:14 EDT
Giants Calling 911 for TE abuse.
RunRodneyRun | 19:14 EDT
Giants Giants are getting embarrassed.
AustenMillbarge | 19:16 EDT
No they are not. Severely outmatched.
MOGGA | 19:16 EDT
Giants Could be 3rd and 1. Could be 3rd and 50. Doesn't matter. This defense full of braindead dogs will let them get it.
Calexander47 | 19:19 EDT
Giants It's not easy being a Giants fan.
AustenMillbarge | 19:19 EDT
Eagles Whatdya know… another blitz and another big play by the Cowboys. Just play defense. You don’t have to try and force the action every play. It’s killing them.
TheGreatJB99 | 19:20 EDT
(9:01) D.Prescott pass short middle to C.Lamb. *Play under review*
Giants That's a TD.
KevRich44 | 19:20 EDT
Giants No way. Heel out. When going backwards does not matter if toe is in. Entire foot has to be in.
Ughagain | 19:21 EDT
(9:01) D.Prescott pass incomplete short middle to C.Lamb. Caught the ball out of the end zone. Dallas challenged the incomplete pass ruling, and the play was Upheld.
(8:53) P.Hendershot left end for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 28 - NYG 13
Eagles Giants folding like lawn chairs.
TSPC37730 | 19:23 EDT
Giants 3 TDs from TEs.
supfrankie | 19:23 EDT
Giants Oh look, the Giants getting destroyed by Dallas tight ends, what else is new?
Rgodz | 19:25 EDT
Broncos Watching Ceedee Lamb and Dak Prescott put on a show under the national big lights makes me wonder when we will ever see something even approaching this level. I shouldn't be this depressed on a day when we're all fat and sassy with yummy food and family, but man, how long do we have wait until we match this level of play??
Strangedog | 19:29 EDT
Giants 6 minutes left. Better take some shots down field.
RunRodneyRun | 19:29 EDT
Giants Garbage time points incoming...The Giants with no sense of urgency.
Giantswin5th | 19:30 EDT
(4:43) D.Jones sacked at DAL 48 for -10 yards (M.Parsons)
Giants Hate to see Thomas get beat, especially by Parsons.
RussellStringerBell | 19:31 EDT
Panthers Micah Parson is eating Andrew Thomas' lunch - and he's the best young left tackle in the NFL!
adam carter | 19:32 EDT
Commanders We can eat the Giants alive.
Czechurself | 19:32 EDT
Giants 2nd half Dallas domination.
RunRodneyRun | 19:33 EDT
Giants And why aren’t we trying to score fast? Why milk the clock?
ClutchPass | 19:33 EDT
(3:17) 4th-and-9: D.Jones pass incomplete short right to I.Hodgins
NYG turnover on downs
Panthers Saquon B with only 16 touches, yeah Giants you wanna lose by making Daniel Jones win the game for you.
adam carter | 19:34 EDT
Panthers Micah Parsons is just ridiculous.
Dcangio09 | 19:34 EDT
He just made Dan Quinn into a future head coach again. What a difference a generational talent makes.
adam carter | 19:44 EDT
Giants Dak all day to survey the field. Jones always under the gun. End of story.
MOGGA | 19:34 EDT
Not to mention who Dak is throwing to compared to the Giants receivers.
Amos Jones | 19:35 EDT
MOGGA | 19:35 EDT
Giants We got lucky in the first half that Dallas made mistakes. The offense's ineptitude really showed in the second half.
DeacNJ1 | 19:34 EDT
Giants At least we know for a FACT that we're in dire need of a good QB for next year.
sexyscottish | 19:35 EDT
Giants Totally outclassed …. reality takes a huge bite out of an early season that looked too good to be true …
OldTimeGmen | 19:36 EDT
Eagles The Cowboys don't need any more points. It's over.
Masked Man | 19:40 EDT
Giants OBJ watching Jones throw behind all his recievers like NOPE.. Not getting hurt for that guy.
Giantswin5th | 19:40 EDT
Giants Lol. Jones is one of the last QBs that Odell would play with. He is TERRIBLE.
Calexander47 | 19:42 EDT
Giants It’s hard to watch Daniel Jones and say “Sign me up for this long term.”
Madhops | 19:44 EDT
Jets Jones just doesn't have it huh?
ZACHisoursavior | 19:44 EDT
(1:13) B.Maher 46 yard field goal is No Good
Commanders I've got Dallas -8.5. Don't want to see this final TD by the Giants.
Bill-in-Bangkok | 19:46 EDT
Giants Garbage time TD incoming.
Rgodz | 19:46 EDT
Eagles Giants had a ton of opportunities to win this game. Just couldn’t execute.
nononono | 19:47 EDT
sacksfuhls | 20:41 EDT
He said Dallas Sucks.
KenTheSailor | 21:53 EDT
Aahhh. I didn't pick up on that.
sacksfuhls | 22:48 EDT
(0:08) D.Jones pass short left to R.James for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 28 - NYG 20
Eagles We might be able to beat the Giants. I think we're toast against Cowboyss in Dallas though.
ferventPundit1 | 19:54 EDT
Commanders Jimmy Johnson said during post game show that when the Cowboys are doing their thing, nobody in the league can beat them. Yuck.
RagsToRigginsIsBack | 20:25 EDT

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