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The Dallas Cowboys currently have as many wins as their next 3 opponents do combined

December offers an opportunity for the Cowboys to stack up some wins in an NFC East and playoff push.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The past week went by rather quickly, and so the events might be a bit much to process if you root for the Dallas Cowboys. Under normal circumstances, we would still be enjoying from the team’s epic destruction of the Minnesota Vikings, but with Thanksgiving Day right after that there was no real time to celebrate, until the Cowboys took care of business against the New York Giants while we all broke bread and feasted on some turkey.

Critics will note that the Vikings and Giants are not so intimidating but make no mistake about it, the Dallas Cowboys just beat two teams who would be in the playoffs if the season ended today and did so over the course of five days.

The facts that Dallas secured a tiebreaker over the Vikings should the number one seed come into play and a leg up over the Giants within the NFC East (not to mention another division win which will serve a role in deciding the division winner) are incredibly important. It goes without saying that all games in the NFL are massive and are ideally won, but it is objectively true that these last two were a bit more important and on paper a bit more difficult, all of which makes sitting here today quite the fun feeling.

In no effort are we trying to let any sort of guard down, but the next few weeks do not exactly look as difficult.

The Dallas Cowboys currently have as many wins as their next three opponents do combined

To be very clear, the Dallas Cowboys have accomplished nothing in the grand scheme of things. Division titles, conference championships, Super Bowls - none of them are won during the week of Thanksgiving.

Obviously, though, the Cowboys have set themselves up well as the important months of the season start to come into picture. The next three games for the Cowboys are all against AFC South teams. If you are going to lose, ideally you want to do so against the opposing conference given that those games mean the least as far as tiebreakers are concerned.

Objectively speaking though it is difficult to see the Cowboys losing any one of these next three AFC South games. The Indianapolis Colts have had a nice infusion of energy it seems, but they are still not a good football team. Somehow the Houston Texans are even worse than them, and the Jacksonville Jaguars cannot seem to put it all together for the 100th year in a row (by the way Dallas is going to visit Jacksonville in December for the first time since 2006 which is pretty cool).

Nobody is trying to take the Colts, Texans, or Jaguars lightly. We are just two weeks removed from the Cowboys blowing a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter which is proof that absolutely anything can happen.

But the Cowboys are an eight-win team as November comes to a close, and through Thanksgiving Day their next three opponents have eight wins combined. Games are not won on paper or by oddsmakers but this is as advantageous of a situation as you could have designed for any team which means it is now on the Cowboys to properly set themselves up for the game after this stretch, a Christmas Eve showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles that would be for the NFC East if the Eagles stumble just once before or after it.

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