Good job by you / C'mon son

We all see the oooo and ahhhh plays every game. For example, the one-handed catch by Ceedee Lamb that came with a DPI, and then he had to "little man" the DB for extra effect (just disrespectful). The whack a mole play. The Parsons sacks. But it's the little plays that stand out to me.

1. LVE does a Troy Polamalu impression and times the snap perfectly to stop Daniel Jones for a loss on a QB sneak at the goal line. Lord knows you have enough haters out there, but you have been playing very well for this team this year. Good job by you LVE

2. Schultz with the double block. Sprint right option was the play and Schultz blocked some poor DB (#20) to the ground not once but twice to help spring Zeke. Schultz has been getting ripped for not being a good blocker but on that play, he put on his Michael Jordan "I took that personal" mask and had big blue pancakes during the game. Good job by you Schultz.

3. Zeke making the case to only have to take a 2-3 million dollar pay cut instead of a 5-7 million dollar pay cut. You ran like a stallion Zeke, but we still gonna need you to take that pay cut so we can keep Pollard. But still.... good job by you Zeke.

Now there are some head scratching plays or just plays where you shake your head and say, "C'mon son!!"

1. MM going for it on 4th down. Trying to win the game that early wasn't necessary. I like his overall aggressiveness all season, but you gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em. C'mon son!

2. Uno Maher. You have been a revelation to us this season. You cannot miss from 60+. I remember when we got you to a 59 yarder, I immediately said he's going to miss this, they should have gone down so this could be a 60 yarder then we would be gucci. But alas in this game you missed a 46 yarder. I know I know; I am picking nits but, C'mon son!

3. Tyler Smith. you have been good this year at LT. Really solid, but I cannot wait until Tyron is back at LT so you can go back to guard. You are still the draft pick I ate crow on, but this game you were in rare bad form. Dak had to save us on that first TD to Schultz despite your penalties. I know you will get better, and we need you. Tyron Smith, stock up on essential oils, elderberry, deer antler spray or whatever you need to come help Tyler. C'mon son!

Those are my inside the game observations from a normal guy who doesn't watch all 22 or breaks down and diagnoses plays. We are about to hit the home stretch. We are just getting warmed up. Let's do this.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.