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Cowboys seem to have successfully baited Bears on Jake Ferguson’s touchdown

The Cowboys were tricky on one of their touchdowns versus the Bears with a lot of acting.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys thoroughly dominated the Chicago Bears last week. In looking at the box score and stat sheet, things appear to have been a bit close, but for the most part Dallas was in control from the jump.

There were plenty of great moments throughout the game that stood out a little bit more than others. Games like that make it difficult to pick favorite plays although our own David Howman did his best with his post about which five plays that helped to shape the win.

One of the plays that Howman mentioned was originally ruled a touchdown but ultimately overturned. You of course remember Malik Davis initially having his first career touchdown only for it to get taken away after confirmation that he was not in. Perhaps in that moment you thought that Dallas would give Davis the ball again so that he could finish the job, but they wound up faking it to him before Dak Prescott threw the score to Jake Ferguson.

It appears as if the Cowboys tight ends (not just Ferguson) helped make that happen in a bit of an acting job.

The Dallas Cowboys seem to have successfully baited the Chicago Bears on Jake Ferguson’s touchdown

One of the best ways to re-live any Cowboys victory is with the “Sounds From The Sidelines” video that the mothership churns out. In case you were unaware this is exactly what it sounds like, cutups of Cowboys players at different moments on the sidelines throughout the game.

As the Bears game was filled with all sorts of scores it is a particularly fun video that we highly recommend you give some time to.

The Ferguson touchdown sequence happens around the four-minute mark, but it is the conversation afterwards on the sideline that is a bit interesting. Dalton Schultz and Jake Ferguson are enjoying the moment and the former notes that he told Malik Davis that he was going to “dap” him up as a celebration of sorts.

Remember again that this was immediately following the review that took Davis’ touchdown off of the board. Many a Cowboys fan assumed he was about to get the ball as mentioned, consider this tweet from the mothership’s Nick Eatman in the moment if you did not think so yourself.

It wouldn’t have been uncommon for the Cowboys to reward Davis for his big play with a touchdown opportunity, that sort of stuff happens all of the time in football. But it seems that Dalton Schultz and Jake Ferguson (based on their conversation) may have played into this and allowed the Bears defense to make the same assumption that everybody else did. so they leaned into it and sold the idea even more.

Consider how hard the Bears front crashes towards Malik Davis after the play fake. It all obviously allowed for Ferguson to slip by almost unnoticed.

This is just one moment from a game that the Cowboys won very easily and no one is presenting the idea that Dallas pulled off some insane heist here. They likely would have scored a touchdown at some point with it being 1st and goal from about the one-inch line, but still it is cool to see that Schultz and Ferguson did everything that they could to accomplish the ultimate goal.

Somebody give Dalton and Jake their rightful Oscars.

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