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Report: Dallas Cowboys ‘are expected to make a run’ at Odell Beckham Jr.

More reports that the Cowboys are going to try and sign free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys spent this past weekend resting and recuperating from eight long weeks of battle. With a 6-2 record to show for their work so far, they are objectively one of the best teams in the NFL as we are getting closer to Thanksgiving.

While Dallas did not play a game this past week, they were still working on their team. The Cowboys did not execute a second trade before last Tuesday’s deadline (they did acquire Johnathan Hankins the week prior which somehow gets lost in this conversation) but were reportedly in discussions with the Houston Texans about wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

It was not shocking to see Dallas look into Cooks given the production (or lack of) from their wide receiver room this season. Obviously the context of the year so far is that they were all a bit more limited for five games in terms of potential with Cooper Rush starting at quarterback, but they have been a tad underwhelming which is something that is worth addressing as the second half of the season gets set to unfold.

The Cowboys are reportedly set to make a run at Odell Beckham Jr.

Another bit of not-exactly-shocking news dropped on Sunday morning within the report that Dallas was interested in free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (more on that in a moment). The Cowboys reportedly made an offer to the Denver Broncos for Jerry Jeudy.

Interest in OBJ aside, that makes two receivers who the Cowboys made phone calls about in Cooks and Jeudy. While they obviously did not wind up trading for either, it is more than just doing due diligence (a popular phrase around here when it comes to player acquisition) if you are making multiple calls about a particular position. The Cowboys clearly are not satisfied with the wide receiver room as is which makes sense again considering what we have not seen from them.

We all have high levels of faith in CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup, but what can you realistically count on beyond them at the position right now? The front office has been proven right on a lot of chances that they took this offseason and therefore deserve a lot of credit, but is banking on James Washington the right move for a 6-2 team in a wide open NFC?

Jalen Tolbert has been disappointing early on in his career, and while there is still hope for him in the long run, that offers no answer in the here and now. Noah Brown was a revelation in the earlier parts of the season but once again that is a precarious bet to make for a team that is very loudly knocking on the door.

This brings us to OBJ and the team’s reported interest in him. On Monday we got more confirmation of Dallas being in on OBJ as NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport outright said that they are expected to make a run at him.

Rapoport notes that Beckham is expected to sign in early December and once again added that the Cowboys “made a big run” at some speed receivers prior to the trade deadline. He added that Dallas will not be alone in chasing Beckham once he is available, but it appears extremely obvious that the Cowboys want to get this done.

Of course we have all been burnt here before. Many times in the past players have been connected to the Cowboys only for them to wind up with big contracts elsewhere, the impact of tying your name to America’s Team can certainly have an effect.

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