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BTB Tuesday Question: What has been the most impressive Dallas Cowboys win of the season so far?

We want to hear your thoughts.

NFL: Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, we started a new tradition here at BTB with an open question for the group to discuss and answer. We will be doing this every Tuesday and Friday, consider it a pseudo open thread specific to a question that is topical in the moment.

For our inaugural question we touched on whether or not we all believe the Houston Texans to be a rival of the Dallas Cowboys. Most people said not really although some acknowledged there is a tiny bit of one given the geographical proximity between the two franchises.

This week we are trying to re-instill the good vibes given that the Cowboys played a bit down to the Texans, ultimately winning which is what matters most, and that was likely all the more frustrating for you if you do consider Houston to be a rival.

Today’s question is about a win, but it is about picking a specific one from this year.

What has been the most impressive Dallas Cowboys win of the season so far?

The interesting part about this is that we are asking it in mid-December and therefore our answers may be different than they were a month ago. As an example, when November was just beginning the team’s victory over the Cincinnati Bengals didn’t feel that great but it has aged like a fine wine.

In a similar sense the domination of the Minnesota Vikings certainly featured incredibly well-played football but the Vikings are starting to lose steam and maybe that has forced you to change your mind in the weeks since.

Speaking personally, I’d still say the Minnesota win just because of how dominant the Cowboys were in every single phase of the game. You simply do not have a lot of performances like that in a season or even over the course of multiple seasons and Dallas did it against a team that has won a lot of games which is impressive even if they are a little bit suspect.

What say you?

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