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Cowboys’ Tyron Smith is officially active for the Jaguars game

The Cowboys finally made official what we have been suspecting all week, Tyron Smith will make his 2022 debut.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
He’s baaaaack.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are badly in need of some help at offensive tackle in the wake of the injury to right tackle Terence Steele. They are getting it as Tyron Smith is being activated for tomorrow’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It was expected, but it is still very good to see it is really happening. Now the question is where Smith will line up. He has been a left tackle for most of his pro career, but he does have experience playing right tackle. It was a long time ago in football terms, but with the struggles Josh Ball had last week and the concerns about the stamina of Jason Peters, it may be the best option available. Rookie Tyler Smith seems far less likely to be able to make the switch, and has already been moving between left tackle and left guard. Putting Tyron at right tackle would minimize the amount of shuffling the team would have to do.

The team has been preparing him during practice this week.

Making the switch is not the only thing involved. Smith has, of course, been out all season. While his work in rehab has been impressive, it is not the same as playing in actual games. He may need some ramping up, which means that Ball and/or Peters will also likely get some reps. Based on the last game against the Houston Texans, it seems better to lean on Peters to help. That would avoid having either him or Smith getting overworked as both continue to work back into shape.

It is good news but not without some worries. However, the idea of having two probable future Hall of Fame players rotating next to a third HOF candidate, Zack Martin, is not exactly a bad deal.

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