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Cowboys at Jaguars: The good, the bad, and the ugly from Week 15

The highs and lows for the Cowboys from Week 15.

Dallas Cowboys v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Well, the Dallas Cowboys luck finally ran out Sunday afternoon against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 15. There were no late game heroics like there were against Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans the last two games, instead it was just a 40-34 loss in overtime to an inferior Jaguars team.

This Week 15 matchup was chock full of some good, some bad, and definitely some ugly. Today, we are going identify one thing from the Cowboys loss to go in each category and discuss why it earned the nomination over some others that were probably just as worthy.

THE GOOD - CeeDee Lamb’s big day

Shout out to DaRon Bland who accumulated his fourth interception on the season and Noah Brown who is probably tired of hearing about the need for more wide receiver help. While both players are deserving of being the good this week for the Dallas Cowboys, that honor goes to none other than CeeDee Lamb. His big day in the passing game, seven catches for 126 yards, will no doubt be overshadowed by the Cowboys loss in overtime to the Jacksonville Jaguars. No. 88 did everything within his power to lead his team to victory, but sadly it wasn’t enough in the end. Regardless, it was good to see him ball out.

THE BAD - Cowboys’ pass rush

Over the last three weeks against three consecutive AFC South opponents (Colts, Texans, Jaguars), the Dallas Cowboys defense as a whole has not played like one of the better units in the league that we’ve come to expect from them. While injuries to key starters have no doubt had a negative impact on their play, those injuries have little to do with Dallas’ pass rush that has been close to nonexistent. The Cowboys pass rusher’s have been billed as one of the best this year, but that hasn’t been the case here recently. Opposing QBs have simply had too much time to throw the ball, making these games closer than they should be.

THE UGLY - Dak Prescott’s interception streak continues

In nine starts this season Dak Prescott has thrown multiple interceptions in six of those contests and is currently averaging at least one INT per game. Fortunately, the Dallas Cowboys have been able to overcome these turnovers for the most part, but that wasn’t the case this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The two picks Dak threw Sunday afternoon ended up resulting in Dallas’ fourth loss on the season to a team they should have handled easily. Somehow, someway, No. 4 needs to figure out some way to keep this from happening moving forward. He’s better than that, or at least has been in the past.

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