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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys vs. Eagles: ‘I hate the Cowboys more every year’

Read what Eagles and other NFL fans said while they watched the Cowboys outplay the Eagles.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

It’s Victory Sunday, which means it’s time to take another leisurely stroll through the comments of football fans across the SB Nation network as they were watching the Dallas Cowboys outplay the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 40-34.

You probably can’t help but feel a certain Schadenfreude for Eagles fans as you read through what they and other fans said and thought as they watched the Cowboys pull away in the fourth quarter.

At some point while reading the comments, you might even feel a slight sting of pity, but you’ve got to work through that. Eagles tears are the sweetest tears.

In the past, I’ve received some questions asking why there are never any Cowboys fans in these threads. Well, if you’re a Cowboys fan and watched the game, you already know how you felt during the game, so no need for a rehash.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Eagles Minshew looks good out there already. And the game hasn't even started yet.
horrorvacui | 16:18 EDT
Eagles This game will be determined by whether the Eagles get pressure on Prescott.
phandemonium | 16:26 EDT
Eagles Eagles gonna chew this team up
horrorvacui | 16:27 EDT
bdawk4ever | 16:28 EDT
(11:16) PHI field goal is GOOD
DAL 0 - PHI 3
Eagles What a disaster! Huge momentum for Cowboys there. A field goal is essentially a stop.
phandemonium | 16:30 EDT
Eagles Lmao, Minshew running looks like a waddling duck compared to Jalen.
WentzsAlbatross | 16:31 EDT
Eagles Ok....Dak "turnover" Prescott...throw a dime to Slay.
MustbeaVulcan | 16:32 EDT
(9:18) D.Prescott pass INTERCEPTED by J.Sweat, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 0 - PHI 10
Kwahu | 16:36 EDT
Eagles The Dak man comes through!!!!
birdy | 16:36 EDT
Eagles Merry Christmas!!!
rodeojones000 | 16:36 EDT
Eagles Good thing Dak is elite or that could have been a pick 12
GTMoskoff | 16:37 EDT
Packers Brutal throw from Prescott.
MCAction | 16:38 EDT
Eagles Maybe Das has been sleeping on the wrong bed?
season ticket holder 417 | 16:42 EDT
Eagles Can’t let Prescott run. Horrible defense
phandemonium | 16:42 EDT
Eagles I now know how other fans feel when Hurts runs for 1st down.
Maynard_G_Krebs | 16:42 EDT
Eagles Maybe it's just me, but Dallas' offense is predictable AF, how is our D not getting them off the damn field....
Eagles Those qb runs are exasperating.
Maynard_G_Krebs | 16:49 EDT
Eagles Why is the defense just letting Dak scramble? He was past the line of scrimmage. Tackle him!
nononono | 16:49 EDT
Seahawks Bad LB play he just let Dak run for the first instead of engaging him
Beinittowinit | 16:49 EDT
Eagles Pollard is good
zracer71 | 16:50 EDT
Eagles Pollard is a beast.
EaglesFanatic80 | 16:50 EDT
(1:52) E.Elliott left tackle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 7 - PHI 10
Kwahu | 16:51 EDT
Eagles Not real concerned. They weren't going to lay down and die.
horrorvacui | 16:51 EDT
Eagles crap-ola
grantspectations | 16:51 EDT
Eagles If Dallas scores again it'll be unacceptable.
MustbeaVulcan | 16:52 EDT
Eagles Offense better kill some time and SCORE! Can't put that tired ass defense right back out there
denver eagles fan | 16:53 EDT
Eagles Lol @ people expecting Dallas to not score at all and just lay down and die..."Omg they scored, season over"...smh. That missed sack on 3rd was huge, but lets go again.
EaglesFanOverSeas | 16:54 EDT

Second Quarter
(15:00) G.Minshew pass INTERCEPTED by J.Kearse
Eagles Oh boy
eagleonmars | 17:00 EDT
Eagles Lol we lose
insaneeaglesfanatic | 17:00 EDT
Eagles Their defense has ZERO freaking respect for Minshew
denver eagles fan | 17:01 EDT
(12:58) 4th & 8: PENALTY on PHI-D.Slay, Illegal Contact
Eagles Huge holding.
EaglesFanatic80 | 17:04 EDT
Eagles Bad play Slay
Maynard_G_Krebs | 17:04 EDT
Eagles That was stupid of Slay
Howie Roseman BFF | 17:05 EDT
(11:34) D.Prescott pass deep left to C.Lamb for 36 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 14 - PHI 10
Eagles Ugh
WhatAreYouDawkinsAbout | 17:06 EDT
Eagles Still not worried. This won't last.
horrorvacui | 17:06 EDT
Eagles Best receiver on their team and no one near him
denver eagles fan | 17:06 EDT
Eagles How do lose track of their most dangerous WR
grantspectations | 17:07 EDT
Eagles I just saw a milk carton with Slay's photo on it.
EbbyCalvinLaLoosh | 17:07 EDT
Eagles Game is making me sick. Dallas will never let us live it down if we lose this game
ferventPundit1 | 17:08 EDT
Steelers Cowboys come back from a 10-0 lead, up now 14-10?
Polamolicules Dude | 17:08 EDT
Eagles Let's cool down with this whole Minshew "mania" crap.
el aguila | 17:09 EDT
Eagles Yeah this Eagles team forgot this was Dallas they were playing. You play them with a burning desire to destroy them, not let them beat us up.
djpheel | 17:09 EDT
Eagles Have we ever lost a game where it wasn't the refs fault?
mm556 | 17:10 EDT
Eagles Playoff teams don’t lose to their rivals. Need to turn this around asap
ferventPundit1 | 17:11 EDT
(7:08) G.Minshew up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 14 - PHI 17
EaglesFanatic80 | 17:16 EDT
Eagles His stache crossed the line !
grantspectations | 17:16 EDT
Eagles But I thought the game was over according to the three clowns on here
Dawkins20 | 17:16 EDT
Eagles Here we go! Too many Debbie downers in here
mm556 | 17:17 EDT
Eagles Think this is going to be 41-38 or something like that.
Whatcanyoudo10 | 17:18 EDT
Steelers That games gonna end up 45-42 or something.
RenoSteelersFan | 17:20 EDT
Eagles This defense couldn't stop a fart
GrahamMoseleyBrown | 17:25 EDT
Eagles Dallas shouldn't be running the ball when they are passing so effectively. 12/13.
Whatcanyoudo10 | 17:25 EDT
Every throw by Dak has been caught.
David Okinsky | 17:26 EDT
Eagles CeeDee wide open every play.
EaglesFanatic80 | 17:26 EDT
Eagles Does Hurts play defense because him being out appears to be making our defense play like poo
bvball80 | 17:28 EDT
Eagles One receiver to worry about and they can’t do it
Gingersnaps33 | 17:28 EDT
Eagles We're getting out coached and out played right now... CD Lamb and Dak are just putting on a clinic right now, and Gannon doesn't have an answer for it...
beefman007 | 17:29 EDT
Eagles Prescott being 16/17, even if that one miss is a pick 6, is just pathetic. We can’t stop Lamb.
sk5250 | 17:31 EDT
(1:49) B.Maher 21 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 17 - PHI 17
Eagles Damn we stopped them without a penalty
Bleedgreen93 | 17:33 EDT
Eagles The sun blinded him. The divine took pity on us.
MustbeaVulcan | 17:34 EDT
Eagles Eagles got a huge break there. Gallup should have had that catch for a TD. May have lost it in sun
nononono | 17:34 EDT
Eagles Looks like we're in for a good ol fashion shoot out. Whoever makes the least amount of mistakes will win this one...
beefman007 | 17:36 EDT
Eagles Dak has been almost perfect except for the pick and we are even. It is not bad.
Chinacat Steve | 17:36 EDT
Eagles Minshew looks like a backup, and we're still driving to take the lead.
Fly Like An Eagle | 17:44 EDT
(0:06) PHI field goal is GOOD
DAL 17 - PHI 20
Eagles Jake Elliot appreciation post confirmed.
TSPC37730 | 17:45 EDT
Eagles Sloppy first half, but going into the locker room with the lead. With your backup QB on the road, it's hard to be disappointed about that.
rodeojones000 | 17:46 EDT
Eagles Honestly, I don’t know how we’re up by 3
Gingersnaps33 | 17:46 EDT
Eagles One decent, not elite WR is killing them and we supposedly have 2 all pro corners
denver eagles fan | 17:57 EDT
Eagles Dallas gets shut out in 2nd half. Minshew calms down and throws 3 TDs. Eagles win 41-17. #countingonyouSanta
MustbeaVulcan | 17:59 EDT

Third Quarter
(15:00) K.Turpin kick return to DAL 49 for 56 yards. PENALTY on DAL-N.Wright, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at DAL 24
Eagles Phew, got called back
Eagles Yikes. That was close.
rodeojones000 | 18:01 EDT
Eagles 3 and out!!! Can't believe my eyes.
EaglesFanatic80 | 18:03 EDT
(13:45) DAL punts
Eagles First punt for either team.
Varjak76 | 18:06 EDT
Eagles Every time this dude throws I feel a stroke coming on lol
denver eagles fan | 18:07 EDT
Eagles They are daring Minshew to throw
Eagles Jeezh. Every throw is Minshew backpedaling and just chucking it.
rodeojones000 | 18:08 EDT
Jets Minshew is a back foot chucker
Nanananananana | 18:09 EDT
Eagles Whew! This is probably the hardest opponent on our schedule and it's proving the best game this year!
Starkad2 | 18:10 EDT
(9:00) G.Minshew pass short left to D.Smith for 14 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 17 - PHI 27
Eagles TD DEVONTA!!!
EaglesFanatic80 | 18:12 EDT
jacktank10 | 18:12 EDT
Eagles Our pass rushers gotta do better. Dak has had it easy in the pocket
AK 74 | 18:19 EDT
(5:01) B.Maher 44 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 20 - PHI 27
Eagles I will trade 7 for 3.
Whatcanyoudo10 | 18:21 EDT
Eagles Let's get a nice 7 minute TD drive here. Run the clock down and go up two scores.
rodeojones000 | 18:22 EDT
(4:15) G.Minshew FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-J.Kearse
Eagles The football gods hate us
denver eagles fan | 18:26 EDT
Eagles Crap
rodeojones000 | 18:27 EDT
Eagles Lose the turnover battle against a good team, you lose the freaking game...
beefman007 | 18:29 EDT
Eagles Holding them to a field goal here would be a major win
eagleonmars | 18:30 EDT
(2:12) D.Prescott pass short right to M.Gallup for 12 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 27 - PHI 27
Eagles 14 points off 2 turnovers
zracer71 | 18:30 EDT
Eagles We had the game in complete control. Unbelievable
ferventPundit1 | 18:30 EDT
Seahawks Come on Eagles you can still pull this one out
Beinittowinit | 18:31 EDT
Eagles Another 10 point lead gone
Relyes | 18:32 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Eagles I hate the Cowboys more every year
EaglesfaninVA | 18:36 EDT
Eagles Need a TD here bad
eagleonmars | 18:47 EDT
(9:59) G.Minshew pass short right to D.Smith for 9 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL27 PHI 34
Eagles We back baby!! TD DeVonta!!!!!
eagleonmars | 18:48 EDT
Eagles Need a stop here
Gingersnaps33 | 18:52 EDT
Eagles Defense I beg of you plz do something
denver eagles fan | 18:53 EDT
Eagles Get a stop D. Any stop.
TSPC37730 | 18:53 EDT
Eagles Pass rush heating up baby
eagleonmars | 18:54 EDT
Broncos Minshew > Wilson
El Timbo | 18:54 EDT
Eagles Third and 30
RBHeadge | 18:55 EDT
(8:02) 3rd & 30: D.Prescott pass deep left to T.Hilton to PHI 19 for 52 yards (J.Scott)
Eagles Well, that sucked
A10Warthog | 18:55 EDT
Eagles I'm DONE with these bums on the backend!!!
denver eagles fan | 18:55 EDT
Eagles Wow, nice throw Prescott...It won't matter
horrorvacui | 18:55 EDT
Eagles Unbelievable. What the heck is Slay doing today.
season ticket holder 417 | 18:56 EDT
Eagles I've got to be honest, giving up a 3rd and 30, doesn't portend well
eoos | 18:56 EDT
Eagles How does Slay allow that guy to beat him deep
Howie Roseman BFF | 18:56 EDT
Steelers This is actually a really good game.
Toronto Steeler Fan | 18:57 EDT
(5:49) D.Prescott pass short right to C.Lamb for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 34 - PHI 34
Eagles Welp Gardner, it's up to you now
eagleonmars | 18:58 EDT
Eagles Run the clock out and win.
Kwahu | 18:58 EDT
Jets Any analytics nerds that know the chance of converting a 3rd and 30?
Jeremy J. Jackson | 18:59 EDT
Eagles We have the stupidest players in the NFL, hands down.
nilpac80 | 19:01 EDT
Vikings This Dallas Philly game is crazy
12mulatu | 19:02 EDT
(4:24) G.Minshew pass short left intended for Q.Watkins INTERCEPTED by D.Bland
Eagles INT
grantspectations | 19:05 EDT
Eagles 3rd turnover of the game by Minshew.
(Un) | 19:06 EDT
Eagles Good thing we have the Saints next. Or maybe not
Gingersnaps33 | 19:06 EDT
Eagles Game over
A10Warthog | 19:06 EDT
Eagles Man this defense is a swinging gate.
The Delly Lama | 19:06 EDT
Eagles Philly defense hadn’t stopped DAL all game. Best can really hope for here is that can hold them to FG
nononono | 19:08 EDT
Eagles I swear, every time Schultz gets the ball he goes 15 yards
sk5250 | 19:08 EDT
You can say that for all their receivers including the back up TE.
season ticket holder 417 | 19:09 EDT
(2:19) B.Maher 48 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 37 - PHI 34
Eagles Defense held them to a FG. Time for Minshew to win this game.
EaglesFanatic80 | 19:09 EDT
Eagles Seeing Jason Peters in that uniform is just gross.
David Okinsky | 19:10 EDT
(2:19) M.Sanders FUMBLES (C.Watkins), RECOVERED by DAL-A.Barr.
Eagles Game over
eagleonmars | 19:10 EDT
Eagles Sanders with another fumble.
EaglesFanatic80 | 19:11 EDT
Eagles 3rd and 30. I don’t care what happens but that play should never happen
Gingersnaps33 | 19:13 EDT
Eagles 3rd & 30 what lost it
cheesewin | 19:13 EDT
Seahawks Christmas is ruined if the Cowboys win
Sporkhead | 19:14 EDT
Eagles Dallas showed up and out, and we didn't...
beefman007 | 19:15 EDT
Eagles It sucks if we lose. But the worst part will be all "the sky is falling" morons who will come out of the woodwork.
rodeojones000 | 19:18 EDT
Eagles No respect at all for our defense
TeachMeHow2Dougie | 19:18 EDT
(1:41) B.Maher 26 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 40 - PHI 34
Eagles Regardless of the outcome, this is a damn good game. A playoff match would be insanity.
Darth Landrious | 19:19 EDT
Eagles One last chance…
Varjak76 | 19:19 EDT
Eagles Magic Minshew time
ToddSK | 19:19 EDT
Eagles They should have gone for it
eoos | 19:19 EDT
Eagles They should’ve. Right to Lamb
Gingersnaps33 | 19:19 EDT
Eagles Yeah they definitely should have... thankfully they did not
eagleonmars | 19:19 EDT
Eagles They are playing safe. Doesn't matter, Eagles offense has lost all its power.
David Okinsky | 19:19 EDT
Eagles Minshew becomes an instant Eagles legend if he can pull this out.
TSPC37730 | 19:20 EDT
Eagles We actually have a chance omg
eagleonmars | 19:24 EDT
Eagles Sometimes those intentional clock spikes come back to haunt you because before you know it it’s 4th & 10.
cheesewin | 19:25 EDT
Eagles Don't like wasting the down with the spike.
EaglesFanatic80 | 19:25 EDT
Eagles Welp this is it yall
eagleonmars | 19:26 EDT
Eagles 4th & ballgame. Let's go!
TSPC37730 | 19:27 EDT
(0:20) 4th & 10: G.Minshew pass incomplete. Turnover on downs.
Eagles Terrible
HotCox | 19:28 EDT
Eagles Last 4 offensive plays all a WASTE!
cheesewin | 19:28 EDT
Eagles This sets up the potential PHI-DAL playoff pretty well. Showed them nothing!
17thandShunk | 19:30 EDT
Eagles 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30 3RD AND 30
phandemonium | 19:30 EDT
Vikings Philadelphia loses. Hopes for the number 1 seed are still alive.
UIiKunkel | 19:37 EDT

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