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Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans live scores and highlights tracker

Keeping you up to date on Thursday night’s Dallas Cowboys game against the Tennessee Titans.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are kicking off the penultimate week of the regular season in the NFL and doing so on Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football against the Tennessee Titans.

This is an interesting game in that the Titans have nothing to play for as far as playoff standings are concerned and have every reason to rest and prepare for their win-and-in game against the Jacksonville Jaguars next week. Meanwhile the Cowboys still have a slim chance of winning the NFC East and potentially even securing the top seed in the NFC, but if any of those long shots are going to come to reality then they need to win tonight which gives them a bit more incentive than their opponents.

With the Cowboys already firmly in the playoffs, they seem to be playing things smart and will reportedly sit Tony Pollard at the very least. Time will tell who else they decide to take things slow with. On the other side of things, Tennessee is starting quarterback Josh Dobbs as opposed to Malik Willis, but it is unknown whether that is to preserve Willis for their game next week or because they believe Dobbs is their best chance and want to get him some legitimate work a week and a half ahead of time.

Whatever happens in Nashville we will be keeping track of all the notable moments, plays, and score information. Consider this post as a running update of sorts where the most recent activity will be posted at the very top, so if you want to read it in chronological order scroll to the bottom and move up.

FINAL: Cowboys win 27-13

The Cowboys began the fourth quarter with an offensive line (left to right) of Jason Peters, Tyler Smith, Connor McGovern, Zack Martin, and Tyron Smith. They were able to string enough together to get down near the endzone and Dak Prescott took care of the rest by finding Dalton Schultz.

The Titans were unable to do anything with the ball once again and while the Cowboys moved they were not able to get into the endzone, thankfully Brett Maher exists and he pushed the lead by 3 more points.

On the next Titans possession Nahshon Wright came away with an interception but unfortunately the Cowboys weren’t able to do anything with it and had to punt the ball away.

All told the Cowboys won, covered, and now have a 12-4 record to sit with for a week and a half while they watch the rest of the league and results potentially impact them.

3rd Quarter

The Titans began the second half with the ball and did nothing with it.

The Cowboys struggled a bit once they got the ball and even found themselves in a 3rd and 19 hole. Tennessee inexplicably committed pass interference which resulted in the Cowboys moving 51 yards and shortly after Dak Prescott found Dalton Schultz for the score.

All due credit to the Titans they buckled down and put together their own touchdown drive to keep things tight.

The third quarter ended with Dallas holding the ball.

Score at the end of the 3rd Quarter: Dallas 17, Tennessee 13


The first play of the second quarter was Dallas picking up on fourth down and they ultimately kicked a field goal to make it a 10-0 game.

Tennessee got going a little bit and quarterback Josh Dobbs even had a great third down conversion at one point. Ultimately though the Cowboys started to get home with DeMarcus Lawrence applying relentless pressure and Donovan Wilson even picking up a sack.

Speaking of sacks Dante Fowler got one that ended the possession as he forced a fumble that the Cowboys recovered.

Unfortunately after moving the ball a bit, T.Y. Hilton was involved, the Cowboys had an issue with the snap and fumbled the ball back to Tennessee.

The Titans did nothing with the ball and gave it back to the Cowboys. Dallas was moving right along when Dak Prescott fired a perfect pass to Peyton Hendershot that was bobbled and ultimately intercepted.

The Titans were able to squeeze 3 points out of their possession and gave it back to Dallas with enough time to try and salvage points before halftime themselves.

Things got a bit scary for the Cowboys when Dak Prescott grabbed his right knee on the drive. He appeared to be alright but unfortunately threw an interception shortly after that the Titans turned into 3 points before the whistle.

Score at halftime: Dallas 10, Tennessee 6

1st Quarter

The Titans won the toss and deferred which set the Cowboys up with the ball to start. While their drive started off strong they ultimately had to punt, a favor that Tennessee quickly returned.

Things changed a bit on the second Cowboys possession. Dallas traveled 60 yards over the course of 10 plays with a little bit of everybody sprinkled in but it was ultimately Ezekiel Elliott who found the endzone.

The Titans wound up punting it back to the Cowboys but not before Micah Parsons ran onto the field late but still made a play. Seriously, he is something else.

Ultimately the first quarter ended with Dallas facing a fourth and short in Tennessee territory.

Score at the end of the 1st Quarter: Dallas 7, Tennessee 0

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