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Jerry Jones on Dak Prescott after scary knee situation on Thursday night: ‘He’s in good shape’

Jerry Jones provided a health update on Dak Prescott on Friday morning.

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night which means it will be a very happy weekend for fans as they ring in the New Year. That was almost not the case though, because near the end of the first half quarterback Dak Prescott was tackled and appeared to be favoring his right knee. Cowboys fans saw Prescott go down with a season-ending injury a little over two years ago so the memories of that are still somewhat fresh and were certainly triggered in the immediate moments after Dak was tackled, especially considering that he was seemingly limping and favoring his leg a bit.

Prescott continued on though and even picked up some more yardage on the ground right after the injury scare. He obviously played the entire second half as well and all told it did not seem like there was much of an issue.

Of course, nothing is ever certain until it is, and on Friday morning during his appearance on 105.3 The Fan Jerry Jones noted that Prescott is “in good shape” which is great to hear. As transcribed by our own Mark Lane:

KEVIN HAGELAND: Now, when you talk about the health of the team, I think we were all just a little nervous, held our breath — I’m sure you did as well — when it looked like Dak [Prescott] was hobbling around on his knee just a little bit. Do you have any idea what happened and what the status is there?

JERRY – “No, but he’s in good shape. I don’t know what happened. He may have hyperextended a little bit, but I knew almost immediately — we were checking with the team and checking with the sideline and we knew he was going to be good.”

This is obviously great news for the Cowboys and they are now in a position to potentially rest Prescott (and other players obviously) if things go a certain way on Sunday. If the Philadelphia Eagles win then Dallas will be locked into the #5 seed in the NFC which would offer the opportunity for them to manufacture their own bye. They have generally not done that in seasons past, even last year with Mike McCarthy, but perhaps seeing Tyler Biadasz get hurt (Jerry did not have an update for him) changes the way they feel.

Either way it is tremendous news that Prescott is fine. Hopefully Tyler Biadasz and the other players who suffered injuries are doing well also.

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