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Dallas Cowboys vs. Indianapolis Colts live updates, highlights and final score

We kept track of everything happening on Sunday night between the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts leading up to the 54-19 victory

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys had a bit of a stressful start against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night but absolutely exploded in the fourth quarter to make the game look incredibly lopsided. The Cowboys ended the night with a 54-19 victory over the Colts.

It showed the type of gear this team can shift into, which is exciting.

Below you will find our quarter by quarter recap of it all.

4th Quarter

The Cowboys ended the third quarter threatening and made sure to cash in once the fourth started as Dak Prescott found Michael Gallup for the pair’s second touchdown both of the night and season so far.

As if things weren’t great enough for the Cowboys they were not done scoring in that immediate moment. After Indianapolis got the ball back they almost instantly put the ball on the ground thanks to Damone Clark and Malik Hooker recovered it for his second turnover of the night.

He took this one to the house!

Due to the score in the moment the Cowboys went for two after Hooker’s touchdown but unfortunately did not get it.

The good times kept rolling though as Tony Pollard score shortly after this on a 30-yard run. Seriously.

You will not believe this, but DaRon Bland recorded a second interception afterwards!

And after this Ezekiel Elliott scored! For real!

Obviously Zeke had to celebrate and he did so in incredible fashion.

After this the Cowboys took the ball away and scored again. Seriously. Sam Williams sacked Matt Ryan and caused another fumble and Malik Davis punched it in to take us over 50.

What a win!

Final Score: Dallas 54, Indianapolis 19

3rd Quarter

Things started off in a bit of a boring fashion as Indy and Dallas swapped punts. Not everything can be electrifying.

The Colts got the ball back though and found some success by way of the run and screen game. At the end of the drive Matt Ryan found Alec Pierce for a touchdown over Kelvin Joseph.

The Colts went for two after this touchdown to try and tie the game but rookie DaRon Bland made an amazing play to break it up.

Dallas put together a drive that consumed the end of the quarter and left them threatening as the fourth approached.

Score at the end of the 3rd Quarter: Dallas 21, Indianapolis 19

2nd Quarter

The Cowboys started the second quarter by punting which is always a bummer. Considering how the defense had played when they were last out there was a bit of caution to see them play, but they responded well.

Not only did the Cowboys defense stand tall but they also got after the quarterback. Donovan Wilson came up with a huge sack on third down to force an Indy punt right back.

Dallas got to work very quickly and went 56 yards in just under three minutes for a score of their own. CeeDee Lamb had another huge moment with a huge third down conversion but it was Tony Pollard who found the endzone.

The Colts wound up punting the ball back to the Cowboys, but not before Matt Ryan committed an obviously intentional grounding penalty that was not called for intentional grounding. You know how that can go sometimes.

Dallas started to put together a bit of a drive and Dak Prescott even got away with an almost-interception. Unfortunately those things have a way of showing back up and before it was all said and done he did throw a pick to Stephon Gilmore.

The Colts were able to squeeze a field goal out of their possession which feels like a bit of a win given that they started with the ball at the Dallas 19-yard line.

The Cowboys were unable to do anything on offense and actually went three and out which gave Indy enough time to try and get something done before halftime.

But the Colts could not! A tipped ball found its way into Malik Hooker’s hands, the same Malik Hooker who the Colts took in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Thankfully the Cowboys got to work quickly and were able to turn the gift into a Michael Gallup touchdown to close out the half!

Two more quarters to go.

Score at Halftime: Dallas 21, Indianapolis 13

1st Quarter

The Colts won the toss and elected to defer which gave the Cowboys the ball to start. Unfortunately Dallas could not do much with it and went three and out.

Indy was able to start with some solid field position thanks to all of this as well as thanks to a Kelvin Joseph interference penalty that was about as egregious as they come. The Colts played true to form and did not get much done on offense but were able to salvage a field goal out of the possession.

On their next possession the Cowboys got to work and did so by way of mostly Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott. They faced a fourth and short from within easy field goal range but Ezekiel Elliott was able to convert it and reward the Cowboys for their boldness.

Ultimately the drive ended with a CeeDee Lamb touchdown that would not have happened if not for his high-level awareness. The Colts defense thought CeeDee was tackled short on third down but CeeDee wisely knew he had not yet been down by contact, got up, and ran into the endzone for the score.

Unfortunately the Colts made quick work of their new deficit and traveled 79 yards over the course of 5 plays very quickly (the drive took just over 2 minutes).

It ended with their first touchdown of the night on a play where Trevon Diggs got beat.

The Cowboys got to about their own 40 before the whistle blew to take us to the second quarter.

Score at the end of the 1st Quarter: Dallas 7, Indianapolis 10

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