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Dallas Cowboys LT Tyron Smith will have his 21-day practice window opened on Wednesday

The Cowboys will be getting back a big-time player.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are playing like one of the best teams in football at the moment and may at some point soon be adding a special player maker in Odell Beckham Jr., but until that does or does not officially happen it is all speculative.

What is no longer speculative though is the status of another high-level contributor in left tackle Tyron Smith. During Sunday night’s NBC broadcast of the Cowboys win against the Indianapolis Colts, it was reported by Melissa Stark that Smith was set to begin practice this coming week. In the aftermath of the game, Jerry Jones spoke and confirmed the news.

In taking the podium on Monday afternoon, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy made it crystal clear and said that the team will in fact be opening Smith’s 21-day practice window and will be doing so on Wednesday.

This is huge news for the Cowboys who are 9-3 without Smith playing a single snap so far this season. Of course, rookie Tyler Smith has filled in admirably for the legendary Tyron, but there is no question that the latter is more suited to man the position, especially when this team reaches the playoffs.

What is more is that Tyron’s return not only gives the Cowboys a better option at left tackle, but at left guard as well with Tyler being able to kick inside where the team envisioned playing him this season. It is the ultimate two birds with one stone sort of proposition.

As exciting as all of this is it should be noted that the Cowboys are only opening Tyron’s window on Wednesday and not promoting him to the active roster just yet. For what it’s worth, Dallas still has an open spot on their roster after waiving Tarell Basham last week. Maybe that will ultimately be used on Beckham or perhaps for cornerback help with Anthony Brown expected to be lost for the rest of the season with an Achilles injury.

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