Good job by you / C'mon Son

Hey we are back. These are my, inside the game, observations from a regular guy who doesn't watch all-22 or break down film. Let's get to it.

First let's address the narrative that we have too many games where we start "slow". Let's dig deeper into that. 1st quarter points we average 5.3 which is 8th in the league. 2nd quarter is 7.5 which is 13th in the league. 3rd quarter is 6.9 which is 2nd and 4th quarter we average 8.1 which is 5th. Our worst averaging quarter is 2nd, and we are 13th. In this game we went 7-14-0-33. (Well, what happened in the 3rd we suck right). No, Colts had the ball for 8 minutes on one drive. We took over with 3:30 on the clock and scored at the beginning of the 4th so those technically are 3rd quarter points.

We are not starting slow. We are just detonating in the second half, and it appears we are starting slow. So please don't just mimic what you hear others say in their articles and regurgitate it. We had 21 by half. Against the Colts Chiefs had 17 by half, Eagles had 17 by half, Titans had 19 by half, Commanders had 17 by half and no one accuses them of starting slow. Oh, and I lied those were their final scores not what they had at half. Colts have a really good D. Their team isn't very good, but their defense is legit. Most teams would love to allow 19 points in a game, and it be called struggling. We are allowed to struggle against the Colts, and it not be a slow start. Which we didn't and which it wasn't.

Now for the Good job by you...

Tyler Smith pulling on runs to the left. Just a mammoth human being that is scary to see running at you. Big runs whenever he did it. Good job by you. (Tyron hurry back. I miss you, you gentle giant).

Hooker revenge game. You ever quit a job and hope they fail without you. Hooker got to see it firsthand and contribute to the failures in a major way. Good job by you.

Clark making Cox irrelevant. I like Cox but Clark is balling. Good forced fumble and good run D. So good job by you.

LVE with another big open field tackle on JT. That is not easy to do, and he did. Good job by you.

The fact that Denver wanted to hire Dan Quinn, but they just had a defensive minded coach and wanted an offensive one and indeed got a very offensive coach in Hackett. That offense is very offensive to the football eye. Thanks Denver, for giving us Quinn back. Good job by you. (I know this had nothing to do with the Colts but when he started bringing pressure and adjusted the game plan. I was so happy he is in my life, and Denver is directly tied to that, and it's my column so I can do what I want).

3 penalties all game and none really hurt us against a penalty heavy official crew. With 13:55 left in the game the score was 21-19. You know the rest. 54-19 so Dallas Cowboys team....good job by you.

What I didn't like...

Lamb throwing a pass in any way, shape, or form. You have to believe it worked in practice several times or they wouldn't run it in the game. But that pass was atrocious. Stick to catching passes and taking ankles Lamb. C'mon son.

DBs really did a terrible job in the first half. I like Diggs aggressiveness. It's what makes him who he is but on a no name WR......C'mon son.

I use Hulu to watch live sports and they kept showing this Toyotathon ad over and over and we just don't celebrate Toyotathon like we used to. Not even Happy Honda days. We need to do better......C'mon son.

Colts feeling disrespected by the 11-point spread. We won by 35......C'mon son.

Dropped interceptions. Ryan had 3 real picks that counted and 4 that should have counted and all 4 in the 4th qtr. Parson dropped a highlight reel one that was difficult to pull in, Kearse dropped an easy one, don't know how LVE missed the one he dove for, and Joseph dropped one. Dak had 1 int and another dropped. We love to talk about Dak and his aggressiveness but that is how we score so many points. Ryan was NOT being aggressive and look at how many he should have had. So, defense for all those dropped picks......C'mon son.

We are hitting our stride. Don't lose focus. Maybe we get OBJ maybe we don't. We are sitting pretty. Right now, I would play any team in NFC South in the first round and be ok with it. Since the GB collapse in the 4th quarter, we have really shown resilience against quality playoff teams and teams we are supposed to beat handily. I like where we are, and we are getting better.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.