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Report: Cowboys did not make an offer to free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Apparently there was no offer made by the Cowboys to OBJ.

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It seems that we are finally about to close the book on Odell Beckham Jr. and the Dallas Cowboys. At the very least we are turning the page on this chapter.

The talented free agent wide receiver spent the first two days of this week visiting with the Dallas Cowboys, and it appeared that both sides were hopeful to be able to join forces for a playoff push. Beckham had a high level of success with a role on the Los Angeles Rams that won the Super Bowl a year ago, but the fact that he is coming off of a torn ACL suffered in that very Super Bowl game was always going to be a concern.

This appeared to be the case when it was reported on Tuesday evening that there was a key sticking point between Beckham and the Cowboys and that it concerned the medical part of the process. Various members of the Cowboys have heaped all sorts of praise on Beckham in the last few weeks, but if the team felt like he was not in the proper state to help right away, that was going to be an issue.

The Dallas Cowboys reportedly did not make an offer to Odell Beckham Jr.

It appears as if the medicals, and the lack of an on-field workout, wound up being the biggest issue for them. It was noted that Beckham’s visit concluded on Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday a bit more detail began to surface.

NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported that there was no offer made by the Cowboys and that a lack of a workout was a big reason why.

It is noteworthy that Slater said things do not seem as optimistic as they were before Beckham’s visit with the team, and we all know that things felt inevitable before he arrived at The Star. As much fun and as entertaining as a union would be, the Cowboys seem to have a line that they are not willing to cross here.

Jerry Jones did say on Wednesday himself that the Cowboys were still working on things with Beckham, but that does just seem like one of those things that you say at this point. Obviously they could really still be trying to get something done.

Again, it says a bit that the Cowboys did not make an offer to Beckham. They clearly do not feel like they are in a position to at the moment. Perhaps they will be in a position to do so in the future, but they are focused on the here and now and have every reason to be given that they are very likely headed back to the playoffs with an extremely well-rounded team.

Update: 3:40pm ET

For what it’s worth, when Micah Parsons was meeting with members of the local media on Wednesday he noted that OBJ told him that he (Odell) could be ready to play in five weeks.

Five weeks from our current moment is the Wildcard Round which lines up with the report that Odell would not be ready to play until the playoffs. It is more than fair to consider adding him for potential help in the postseason, but that is a big risk to take at the same time.

We will see.

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