A look back at Week 11: The obliteration of the Minnesota Vikings

The Green Bay game was a turning point for the Cowboys. Let's take a look back at this great game. *Note Stat-heavy article*

We put up a whopping 458 yards on the night as a team. Our third down efficiency was 12-17—NO penalties on the first down (refreshing). We had 11 passing first downs, and 12 runs. Averaging 6.5 yards per play, the efficiency was high in this game. Dak was not intercepted or sacked in that game. Breaking up the yardage, rushing was 158 while passing was 307. Finally, the time of possession was 37:24 compared to Minnesota's 22:36.

This! Is how a game should be. Did I mention that we were IN Minnesota? We usually don't perform that well on away games. It was a nice change of pace. This game reminded me of the game against Atlanta last year. Our powerful defense and our nonstop offense managed to come together. We are finally starting to see the offense that we know and love.

Diving deeper into who was on the field (and who wasn't). Dak played until the last minutes of the fourth quarter. It looks like that thumb injury hasn't been a problem. He threw for 22/25, 276 yards, and two touchdowns. Both Zeke and Pollard were on the field with intense productivity.

Pollard and Zeke had equal carries. Pollard had more yards, but Zeke had two touchdowns. We also threw Malik Davis in the mix. I'm glad we stuck with him this year. He's a good third-string running back. We also decided to make Pollard a receiver this game. As a receiver, he got his two touchdowns. Hey, whatever works!

Let's talk about our exclusive receivers, shall we? CeeDee Lamb had his turning point in this game. It's taken a long time for him to warm up (and I'm not exactly sure why). As long as he warms up before January, that's all I care about. Five catches, 45 yards. Noah Brown popped up somewhat, it's nice to see him again. When Lamb was having his struggles, all the balls went to Brown. Michael Gallup has been back for a little bit, and at this point was still rusty.

Let's talk defense. Jayron Kearse led the team with one sack, one TFL, and five total tackles. Parsons was right behind him, then Dorance Armstrong. Our defense looks quite good, but there are some players that hurt us more than help us. Kelvin Joseph to name one.

Our special teams know what they're doing. Brett Maher is the most consistent kicker the Cowboys have ever had. The 60-yard kick he made not once, but twice proves it. Kickers can be tough too. 4/4 XP, 4/4 FG, putting up 16 points for the team.

Minnesota was the favorite to win this game, but they couldn't even score a touchdown against us. Star running back Dalvin Cook only ran for 72 yards and no touchdowns. The infamous Justin Jefferson only had 3 catches. Same thing happened to Chase in the Bengals game.

It's been a couple weeks since this Vikings game. They stand at 10-2 as of now. We are 9-3, behind the Eagles at 11-1. We play the Eagles on Christmas Eve, I cannot wait for that game. Anything can happen. Over the next few articles, I'll be looking back at Weeks 12 and 13. Stay tuned.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.