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Intensify your Super Bowl party with this fun and exciting game sheet

Want to add more life to your Super Bowl party? Look no further than this exciting challenge sheet that will keep your guests interested the entire game!

NFL: LVI Super Bowl-Stadium and Field Preparation Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 27 years since our beloved Dallas Cowboys were playing on the game’s biggest stage. Imagine if back then you had put a dollar per day in the bank. If you did that every single day for 27 years straight you’d now have a total of $5.7 million! Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s nowhere close to being accurate as I’m not an accountant, but the point is, that’s a real long time ago.

Without the Cowboys in the big game, it’s made for some uneventful Super Bowls. To manufacture some excitement I worked on a way to spruce up the game-watching experience for me and my friends. Despite our teams not playing in the game, my friends and I still were determined to have a rooting interest in what was going on. So, I put together this fun little game sheet with questions about the game. Over the years, this game has evolved (it started out as a bingo) and now features a plethora of exciting choices that you, the fan, get to make.

This game is fun for the die-hard fan and it’s fun for the casual fan. Not everything is about the game itself. I always throw in some questions about the national anthem, halftime show, and the commercials that will air. Of course, to prevail as the high scorer of your Super Bowl party, you better know your stuff as some of the really important questions are weighted more heavily.

This challenge sheet has been a fixture at our Super Bowl party for years. My friends love it, their spouses love it, and many different companies have used it for office pools. Once you use it for your Super Bowl party, you’ll get hooked and find yourself coming back each year. Your guests will thank you for it.

Without further ado, here is this year’s Super Bowl Challenge sheet. Enjoy.

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