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2022 Dallas Cowboys Free Agency: Michael Gallup plans on taking the deal that works best for him

Time will tell where Michael Gallup winds up.

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Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We are about a month away from free agency beginning across the National Football League, and when it does, things are likely going to be stressful for the Dallas Cowboys. There are a number of players on the Cowboys with expiring contracts that fans would like to see them bring back. While there are a lot of players the headliners generally speaking are Randy Gregory, Dalton Schultz, Jayron Kearse, and Michael Gallup.

How Dallas is able to navigate all of these pending contracts will be fascinating, but the most unique of them may be Gallup. The talented wide receiver saw much of his season lost to a calf injury before he returned only to tear his ACL before the season ended.

It is highly possible that another team is willing to devote a large sum of money to Gallup in order to make him a top priority of their offense. Of course, another potential hypothetical is that he returns to the Cowboys on a one-year deal like some players do after injury with hope towards earning a top contract in the 2023 offseason.

With it being Super Bowl week (in case you missed it, DraftKings Sportsbook has the Rams as 4-point favorites over the Bengals), we had an opportunity to speak with Gallup and discussed his potential free agency among a number of things. A huge thank you to Sleep Number for making this possible. You can watch our conversation below.

We tried rather hard to pry some free agency intel from Gallup, but as you can imagine he didn’t tell us his full plan. The nerve! In all seriousness, he was as honest as he could be about how he plans to approach things in the coming weeks and we are grateful to him for that. It goes without saying that we are wishing him a speedy recovery from ACL surgery and want to see him flourish wherever he winds up.

As it is Super Bowl week, we have been fortunate to have several opportunities to speak to people associated with the NFL and among them was FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews. She joined us on behalf of Crown Royal and their Kick Off with Crown Royal initiative.

Obviously as one third of FOX’s top broadcast team along with Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, there are a ton of Dallas Cowboys games that Andrews has experienced. She recalled some of her more notable memories and discussed what life covering a Super Bowl is like. You can watch our discussion here.

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It was interesting to learn that Andrews has only worked the sideline for losing teams in Super Bowls. For what it’s worth, FOX has the Super Bowl next year so if the Cowboys somehow (lol) find a way to make it there maybe she can help them break the curse.

A huge thank you to Michael Gallup, Erin Andrews, Sleep Number, and Crown Royal for the time. It would be more fun if the Super Bowl had the Cowboys in it, but it will still be fun nonetheless. For what it’s worth a majority of SB Nation Reacts users believe the Rams will win it. Guess we’ll see!

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