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Chidobe Awuzie gives his view on the difference between the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals mentality

A former Cowboys player is now heading to the Super Bowl.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It has often been said that history is written by the winners. With that being the case, the Dallas Cowboys have not exactly authored a look back at the last quarter century of NFL action.

Talking about the Cowboys failing to break their Super Bowl drought for another year is a frustrating exercise (although one that we unfortunately have a lot of experience in), but it becomes all the more notable when certain circumstances lend themselves to the narrative. Consider that DeMarcus Ware had to leave the Cowboys in order to obtain his Super Bowl ring.

Ware isn’t the only player to leave the Dallas franchise and reach the Super Bowl. This season Chidobe Awuzie could join him in that illustrious Super Bowl-winning club as he is finishing his first season with the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals.

Chidobe Awuzie’s commented on his view of the difference between the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals mentality

Awuzie was a fine player for the Cowboys who got caught up in some defensive logjams and changes. He never materialized into the player fans would have loved to see, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. It made sense for he and Dallas to go their separate ways last year.

There are plenty of media appearances made by Super Bowl players in the week leading up to the game and obviously Awuzie is no different. He was asked about the change of scenery he went through going from Dallas to Cincinnati and offered some insight on how he feels it impacted him.

It doesn’t appear like Awuzie is taking some sort of shot at the Cowboys. Ultimately, it seems like he is just answering the question honestly and speaking to the difference in cultures with Dallas and Cincinnati because there clearly is one.

“All the lights” perfectly encapsulates The Cowboy Way. Consider that this Super Bowl’s broadcast team of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth (the normal Sunday Night Football duo) hasn’t worked a single Bengals game all year. They are staples inside of AT&T Stadium or wherever the Cowboys are playing in a given season.

The Bengals very notably (perhaps infamously) don’t have an indoor training facility as mentioned. In the lead-up to this week while still in their hometown they had to use the one belonging to the University of Cincinnati. Call it blue-collar work ethic or whatever you will like Chido did, but there is a definite “find a way” disposition about the Bengals that seems to be absent of current and recent Dallas Cowboys teams.

Consider how the most recent season ended for the Cowboys and how several players on the team - not to mention the head coach - deflected accountability and chose to point fingers at officiating after multiple tough losses. Dallas is a far more valuable brand and much more recognizable name than the AFC Champions, but are they going about winning a championship the right way? The results say no for a while now.

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