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It has officially been 33 years since Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys

Happy Birthday of sorts.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

February 25th, 1989. The day that everything changed.

There are many who remember the day vividly and others who have learned about it in the years since. How many years, well 33 exactly for those of you who aren’t math geniuses.

What are we talking about exactly? It has been 33 years to the day (Feb. 25th) since Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys from Bum Bright.

In the last three decades the Cowboys have returned to the top of the National Football League as the shiniest star of the bunch for marketing purposes. Early on in Jerry’s ownership, they also returned to the top of the league from a competition standpoint as they won three Super Bowls in the first seven years, but ever since then things have been tough sledding.

There is no denying the financial impact that Jerry Jones has had on the Dallas Cowboys, surrounding DFW areas, and even the NFL as a whole. He is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as an owner. His work on issues outside of the field helped him get there, like the influence he had in returning the league to Los Angeles where the hometown Rams just won the Super Bowl. The Rams played that game in the very palace that was built for them, one that was no doubt inspired by Jerry’s luxurious AT&T Stadium.

All of that is great and notable and makes for interesting books and documentaries. Unfortunately, the thing that matters to most fans is the success of the team on the field, and everything else has started to become frustrating as the team hasn’t appeared in a conference championship game in 26 years.

Think about that. The first seven years with Jerry at the helm as owner, general manager, and president were tons of success. But in the 26 years since, 79% of Jerry’s ownership, have been frustration, drama, and some success, but more of the first two.

Happy anniversary. Maybe this is the year it all goes the right way.

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