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Poll: Do the Philadelphia Eagles or New York Giants concern you more this offseason?

Which NFC East rival should concern the NFC the most.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images

The 2022 NFL Combine is set to begin this week and throughout it teams will learn more about players they hope to draft in a few months. By now you likely have a few favorites who you want to see make their way to the Dallas Cowboys at pick number 24, but in order for them to get there they will have to get past a few different teams.

What’s more is that a player we want not only will have to get past teams, but they will have to get past a few of them twice. Two of these teams happen to be in the same division as the Cowboys as both the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles have an impressive amount of draft capital to work with.

It is just about time for the heavy part of roster acquisition to begin in the NFL so we decided to take a look at these two threats in order to see which one we might fear more coming from a Dallas perspective. Sorry to the Washington Commanders who can’t even get their new logo right on the first try.

Philadelphia Eagles

On the surface the Eagles may be in a more advantageous position than the Giants given that they have three first-round picks to New York’s two. Obviously that is a nice place to be.

While Philadelphia theoretically has a better team as they are coming off of a playoff berth themselves (they were the third Wild Card team in the NFC and wouldn’t have made the playoffs under the previous structure) they still have a ton of questions at quarterback in Jalen Hurts and might need a new center if Jason Kelce decides to retire.

Notable Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Capital

Questions surround quarterback and center for Philly at the moment, but they do have second-year wide receiver Devonta Smith to build around.

As painful as it is to admit, the Eagles have shown an ability to dance around with draft capital before considering they traded up to number two overall to select Carson Wentz six years ago, and somehow managed to pry away a first-round pick from the Colts for him last offseason. They haven’t been the wisest franchise as far as actually using their draft picks, but they know how to turn a small stack into something notable which is concerning given that they have three selections inside of the top 20.

New York Giants

It is frustrating to talk about how bad the quarterback situations are in Philadelphia and New York given that the Cowboys seemingly have such an advantage on both clubs in that area. You would figure that this would lend to severe dominance by Dallas and while they did sweep the entire division they have nothing to show for it. Le sigh.

There is a debate to be had as to who is the better quarterback between Jalen Hurts and Daniel Jones. The former is a better runner, but the latter can move himself. Jones hasn’t exactly had it easy as far as the coaching situation in New York has been concerned throughout his time there and the hiring of Brian Daboll should unfortunately go a long way towards fixing that.

Notable New York Giants Offseason Capital

New York has some financial adjusting to do given that they are currently in the red as far as salary cap space is concerned. They will likely be re-making their roster in serious order with moves like releasing Sterling Shepard and perhaps trading Saquon Barkley. Moving on from Barkley will be tough given that they picked up his fifth-year option last year, but as mentioned the Eagles somehow found someone to take Carson Wentz from them and give up a first-round pick in return.

Ultimately it seems like the coaching situation in New York might be more hopeful, especially given Daboll’s alignment with new general manager Joe Schoen; however, the Giants have a lot of work to do this offseason to undo the sins of former regimes which might put them further out of contention as far as 2022 specifically is concerned.


Who are you more concerned about this offseason?

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  • 82%
    Philadelphia Eagles
    (866 votes)
  • 17%
    New York Giants
    (180 votes)
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