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2022 Cowboys schedule: If Cowboys play internationally it will be in London against Packers or Jaguars

The Cowboys still may end up playing a game overseas.

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

This coming NFL season there will be five games played internationally. Three of them will take place in London (two at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with the other at famed Wembley), one will be in Mexico, and Germany will officially host an NFL game in 2022 as well.

On Monday morning the league announced which squads will serve as the “home” team for each of these contests. While we do not know the NFL schedule for next season in any order, we do know which teams everyone will face both at home and on the road so we can now whittle things down a bit.

The Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints will host the games at Tottenham with the Jaguars hosting their traditional London game at Wembley. The Arizona Cardinals will play host in Mexico while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the game in Germany.

Of these five teams, the Dallas Cowboys only visit the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars in 2022, so an international game against either one of them is possible. While both are technically equally in play, it feels rather unlikely that the league would take a Cowboys/Packers matchup away from Lambeau Field, especially with the added narrative of it being Mike McCarthy’s return. But obviously anything is possible.

A London game against Jacksonville honestly feels sort of inevitable. Last time that Dallas “visited” the Jaguars the game also took place at Wembley Stadium back during the 2014 season. Perhaps we are indeed set to see it again.

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