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Cowboys players make an impact at Pro Bowl, but Micah Parsons is ready for next season

The All-Star game is what it is, but Micah Parsons is always hungry.

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC at AFC Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So the Pro Bowl has basically evolved into a game of touch football. And so it should. The risk of injury is just too much to ask these players to risk a full-scale game. Imagine if a Cowboys player tore an ACL or an Achilles at the game, it would be heart-breaking. So the current form is fine to keep everyone healthy. It’s not a competitive game, so don’t view it as one going in.

Still, they do keep stats and the Cowboys players were able to fill up some of the stats sheet.

CeeDee Lamb caught four passes for 41 yards on six targets. He didn’t find the end zone though.

Micah Parsons had eight tackles (five solo). Parsons even got a nice hit on one play.

He also sacked Patrick Mahomes and stripped the ball from him right before halftime.

Parsons’ partner in crime on the defense in 2021 had been Trevon Diggs, and the Cowboys corner kept on doing what he did all year, and that was intercepting footballs. This one courtesy of Patriots quarterback Mac Jones.

Diggs also got to play wide receiver for a snap, going against his brother Stefon who slid over to corner for the AFC.

I mean, can we get a holding call here on Stefon!

The other Cowboys participant, Bryan Anger, actually didn’t participate. Neither side decided to punt in the game.

Getting back to Parsons, it was all fun and games at the Pro Bowl, but he is getting ready to buckle down and prepare for 2022.

“Bro, I can get better everywhere,” said Parsons, who turns 23 in May. “I can become a better pass-rusher. I can become a better linebacker. Like, anything. I just feel like I’m just out there raw and I was just learning and I grew and I kept getting better and better throughout the year. No one’s ever perfect. There’s always room to grow in many ways to get better.”

Parsons played just about everywhere on defense, but now teams have tape on him. One of the Cowboys goals this offseason is to prepare Parsons for teams as they will be gunning for him now.

“We talked about what he can do coming off his rookie season. Clearly he made an impact. The biggest thing he is going to have to get accustomed to is the changes people make for him,” McCarthy said. “We’ve got to make sure we have him prepared. He is a targeting challenge for an offense; that ability to move him around. Any player in this league will attest to this, once you have success people will study the film and have a plan for you. So we got to make sure he takes that next step to be able to combat and continue to be highly successful.”

Parsons ahs only one goal in mind. The same one all Cowboys fans have.

“But I’m telling you, like, I ain’t never been a loser in my life. I’ve always been a winner. I’m going to bet me into a bowl. I just don’t know when and how, but I know it’s in my plan and God’s plan for me to be in a Super Bowl.”

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