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2022 Dallas Cowboys free agency rumors: ‘DeMarcus Lawrence isn’t going anywhere’

Could DeMarcus Lawrence be staying after all?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The National Football League will officially celebrate the new league year beginning next week on Wednesday, and when that happens free agency will officially begin. It is around this time that rosters are tinkered with as teams prepare to load up to make a move or purge in the name of acquiring some sort of capital. The last week and a half has brought with it several different rumors regarding the Dallas Cowboys and one of them sent fans into a bit of a frenzy.

Late this past Sunday it was reported that the Cowboys asked star pass rusher DeMarcus Lawrence to take a pay cut, that he refused, and that the result was theoretically putting his position on the team in some jeopardy. The Cowboys brain-trust has been rather non-comital when discussing Lawrence this offseason (as opposed to going out of their way to guarantee Ezekiel Elliott’s safety) so putting two and two together felt like number 90’s days in Dallas were coming to an end.

Thankfully it appears that things might have turned a corner here.

“DeMarcus Lawrence isn’t going anywhere”

As these are the Cowboys and as it is Friday, and as we are right on the precipice of free agency, it only stands to reason that there would be news leaks involving the team. Consider that last Friday was the day that Amari Cooper’s seemingly-inevitable release picked up a ton of steam across news outlets.

It looks like the Cowboys have taken a different approach entering this weekend, though. On Thursday evening The Dallas Morning News noted in a piece detailing how nobody should freak out about anything since no moves have technically been made that the Lawrence process was a natural and common sense one on both sides. They even went as far as saying “You can bet defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is lobbying to keep him”.

Perhaps that has been happening and perhaps the surprise return at DC has won out. On Friday morning ESPN’s Ed Werder had a mini dump of Cowboys things and among them noted that DeMarcus Lawrence “isn’t going anywhere.”

This is a strong declaration, in fact it feels like an outright guarantee.

As for the other notes, neither are particularly surprising. It makes sense that Dallas is still trying to figure out exactly how they want to move on from Cooper, although with all of the trades happening across the league at the moment you would have to figure that they’d be able to get something done for him, right?

Regarding Michael Gallup the first report of a deal being “close” did in fact come a week ago and similar things have been reported since. It feels like only a matter of time until that is done.

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