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Cowboys free agent rumor 2022: Team has contacted Bobby Wagner, potential reunion with Dan Quinn awaits

Who wants to sign Bobby Wagner?

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

We are finishing what was quite the week in the National Football League. The Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson dominoes finally fell (Carson Wentz, too, but obviously not the same thing), and all of it happened before free agency even officially begins.

Such is the way that things work in the NFL nowadays. The Seattle Seahawks delivered perhaps the biggest shocker by trading away the aforementioned Wilson who has been the greatest quarterback in their franchise’s history, and seemingly still has a lot of legitimate game left.

Seattle drafted Russell back in 2012 in the same class as Bobby Wagner, one of the game’s best linebackers ever since. The Seahawks released Wagner on the same day that they traded Wilson which removed the final players left on their roster from their Super Bowl XLVIII victory.

Wagner is obviously a free agent now and can sign with whoever he wants. Enter the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys have contacted Bobby Wagner about a potential reunion with Dan Quinn

For the longest time the Dallas Cowboys were kind of trying to become the Seahawks themselves by hiring Kris Richard and trying to recreate the Legion of Boom. That didn’t exactly work out as we all know.

What has gone well for the Cowboys has been the arrival of the head architect from the LOB defense - former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. The Cowboys defense thrived in 2021 with Quinn in the DC spot for the first time with young players like Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs having campaigns that literally set all sorts of records.

When it comes to Parsons he is of course such a unique talent in that he can both play linebacker and rush the passer at a high level. The trade off there is that when he is doing one he cannot do the other, so if the Cowboys want him to hunt quarterbacks more frequently in the future they need to shore up the linebacker spot.

There wouldn’t happen to be a veteran linebacker who Dan Quinn knows well that has played at a high level for a long time that has suddenly come available, would there? Of course there is, and his name is Bobby Wagner. According to ESPN, the Cowboys have made contact with him about reuniting him with the defensive coordinator that helped him win the only Super Bowl that he has so far.

It goes without saying that landing Wagner would dramatically shore up the Cowboys’ linebacker spot and allow for more mobility for Micah Parsons. What’s more is Wagner would bring with him the experience of being on a championship team and doing things the right way, something that could go a long way in the locker room of this young Dallas Cowboys unit, particularly on the defensive side of the ball as they continue to grow together.

This news comes on a notable day for the Cowboys defense as it was reported earlier on Friday that defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence “isn’t going anywhere.” Keeping him around and adding someone of Wagner’s quality would be a nice the start to the roster acquisition period, and would truly show that Dallas is taking their chances at the moment very seriously.

There are always rumors around free agency and always players that get linked to the Cowboys because, well, they’re the Cowboys. Wagner isn’t going to play for cheap and the Cowboys don’t exactly have a reputation for spending big, but perhaps this is the right combination of factors.


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