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[UPDATE]: Cowboys working on Amari Cooper plan, Browns reportedly interested in trade

Could Amari Cooper wind up staying in Dallas?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

UPDATE: Interesting tweet on the Cooper situation. Maybe a trade really is going to be the end game.

It was one week ago that things really picked up steam. Ever since then it has felt like Amari Cooper’s days with the Dallas Cowboys were coming to an end.

Blitzing through the details, the crux of the issue seems to be that the Cowboys do not want Amari Cooper for $22M this coming season. $6M of that is already gone, but by releasing the receiver they traded a first-round pick for almost four years ago they can save $16M that will theoretically allow themselves to do other things in free agency.

Of course, these are the Cowboys we are talking about and they don’t tend to do much in free agency, but they are seemingly on the cusp of legitimately contending. They look to have a roster that can, and did, challenge in the NFL last season but that withered down the stretch.

Money aside, the Cowboys are a better team with Amari Cooper on their roster than they are with him off of it. Could he actually wind up staying?

The Dallas Cowboys are reportedly “still trying to figure out what to do” with Amari

When it comes to situations like this in the NFL we tend to hear the same verbiage. Parties are “working through” all of the “moving parts” when it really comes down to one side having to make a decision that they may or may not feel totally comfortable making.

For the Cowboys, that decision is carrying Cooper at $22M this season, whereas for Cooper it is whether or not he is willing to take a pay cut to remain on the team. Nobody wants to take a pay cut, but it is possible that Cooper is feeling rather generous, or maybe he is assessing the situation.

Earlier this week it was reported that the Cowboys could sit for a while on the Cooper decision since they do not have to make a decision until the fifth day of the New League Year. Perhaps Cooper’s camp thinks that all of the big free agent money will be gone by then and that he may not get even what the Cowboys want to restructure him at if and when he signs a new deal. Either way, it seems that a restructure is at least possible according to The Dallas Morning News.

Obviously the Cowboys want to save as much as possible anywhere that they can, but there is a tipping point that anybody would finally say no to. Maybe the team and player are working towards that place right now.

Ideally the Cowboys would figure out a way to keep Cooper, lock up Michael Gallup long-term as has been reported, and prioritize CeeDee Lamb’s growth and development at the same time. Who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it, too?

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