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Cowboys free agency 2002: Dallas giving DeMarcus Lawrence a new deal

The Cowboys continue to work in anticipation of free agency.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

For years, the biggest moves the Dallas Cowboys have made leading up to free agency has been with their own players. That is now the case again this year, as they have reportedly extended DE DeMarcus Lawrence.

With the tight cap situation, which is seen as more limiting by the Cowboys than by many other teams, this has some important advantages.

When Lawrence was mentioned along with Amari Cooper as potential cap casualties by Stephen Jones earlier this offseason, it created some angst among fans. That only grew when the team shipped Cooper off for little in draft compensation. But now the defensive line looks to be solid going forward. And as mentioned above, this could pave the way for the team to also re-sign Randy Gregory, and look to other free agents.

The Cowboys made a positive move towards more money in free agency, now the hope is they will finally use it.

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