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Dallas Cowboys free agency: Von Miller signs with Buffalo Bills on 6-year, $120M contract

The Cowboys were not willing to get into the Von Miller sweepstakes.

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It was unlikely that Von Miller was never going to choose the Dallas Cowboys. It was a lot of fun to dream about, but it was an exercise in futility, even after he reportedly was interested in joining his home state team. When it was all said and done, Miller chose someone other than Dallas and someone also other than his former team in the Los Angeles Rams.

Miller chose to return to the AFC, and instead of linking back up with the team he is most known for in the Denver Broncos, he went to perhaps the newest powerhouse in the conference. Von Miller is joining the Buffalo Bills on what was initially reported to be a 6-year, $120M deal.

Nobody will deny it, that is a lot of money to pay to Miller considering he is well on the wrong side of 30. He is obviously a playmaker as evidenced by the most recent playoffs and the Cowboys had a huge need at edge rusher after Randy Gregory defected to the aforementioned Broncos.

What’s more is that the Cowboys were seemingly willing to pay a decent amount of money to that position as Gregory was reportedly going to get $14M per year from the team. Miller’s deal has $32M fully guaranteed and $52M in total guarantees over the life of the deal, and it is still a step up from what Dallas had previously outlined to the position.

On the one hand you can say that the Cowboys are wise for not overpaying, but as many tend to note this time of year every free agency acquisition is an overpay. The Bills got an impact player on defense which they could have used when their season ended and they are likely totally fine with the high price tag in the name of bettering their roster.

So while it is understandable for the Cowboys to shy away they are supposed to be a roster that is as close as the Bills, are they not? They play in a weaker conference and seemingly are at a point as a team where they can contend to win another title, right? Perhaps they should have simply gone for it and thrown caution to the wind.

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