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Dallas Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones: “I see us still having activity in free agency.”

Do you think the Cowboys will add to their roster sometime soon?

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

As it stands the Dallas Cowboys have signed two external free agents. Maybe you are happy that there are ‘only’ two new players inside of the team’s locker room at The Star. Perhaps you wish that Dallas was bringing in more new blood to improve a group that, while they certainly accomplished a lot last season, ultimately fell short of their goal in 2021.

However you feel about everything that the Cowboys have done to this point, we can all agree that new is always exciting at the very least. What is exciting isn’t always what is best for the club, but in the name of getting the crowd going, is it possible that Dallas could still be active in free agency despite the initial phases already ending?

Stephen Jones thinks so.

Stephen Jones sees the Cowboys having activity in free agency

NFL owners, coaches, and other front office executives are gathering in Florida this week for annual league meetings. While they are there we will hear different quotes from Cowboys brass and the weekend came to a close with a few Stephen Jones breadcrumbs dropping within The Dallas Morning News.

Stephen has been the subject of, we’ll call it constructive criticism, from many Cowboys fans this offseason that have wanted to see the team get more active while everyone around them seemingly gets better. Jones didn’t address any specific remarks from people, but he did note that the Cowboys are not done yet.

Jones was open to discussing the many transactions made in recent weeks.

He emphasized, however, the process of adding veterans is ongoing.

“There’s going to be some guys who wait around hoping their market improves, not unlike prior years,” Jones said. “There is a lot of activity early, then things settle down. People pick away at it, but we’ve found some good value over the years, just being patient and seeing what comes our way. But we’re not done yet. I see us still having activity in free agency.”

The Cowboys are well-known for their patience in the free agent market and are happy to let players test the waters before they ultimately sit down at the negotiating table. It can be argued that their strategy played out in perfect fashion with one of their own players this offseason in Jayron Kearse as they wound up re-signing him after he explored the market (and apparently had another suitor in the Carolina Panthers).

Odds are that there is a free agent available who you want to see join the Cowboys. There are odds within those odds that said player is a relatively big name.

The Cowboys have shown us before that they don’t mind big names, they just mind big prices. If the time, money, and situation all happen to line up then there may be a new player joining this roster in the future.

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