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PFF: “It wouldn’t be surprising” if Michael Gallup stayed with the Dallas Cowboys

Could the Dallas Cowboys bring back MG13?

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Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We are about a week and a half away from free agency beginning for the Dallas Cowboys and when it does there is not necessarily a fork in the road for them to choose one side of, there is a spider-web of options where they will have to craft what their 2022 is going to look like.

Dallas has important decisions to make on players like DeMarcus Lawrence and Amari Cooper that are not even set to become free agents (the writing appears to be on the wall with Amari, though). When it comes to players on expiring deals, what happens there will obviously impact what they do with Randy Gregory and Michael Gallup (as will the situation with Dalton Schultz that is now complicated with news of Blake Jarwin’s recent surgery).

Speaking of Michael Gallup, there are plenty of fans who have surrendered to the idea that he will be signed by someone else. Could he possibly stay, though?

PFF’s word from the combine is “it wouldn’t be surprising” for Gallup to stay with the Cowboys

The 2022 NFL Combine has been underway in Indianapolis this week, and while the purpose of the event is to discern information on draft prospects, the first half of it serves to provide intel on the state of players in the league.

Given that free agency is just around the corner, there are obviously whispers floating around. PFF has been rounding up what they are hearing in daily reports and on Thursday noted specifically when talking about soon-to-be free agent wide receivers that it seems like Michael Gallup could be headed back to the Cowboys this offseason.

Godwin tore his ACL in Week 15. Gallup suffered his knee injury in Week 17. Beckham injured his knee in Super Bowl 56. It wouldn’t be surprising if Gallup stayed with the Dallas Cowboys, Godwin stuck with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Beckham re-signed with the Los Angeles Rams.

One option for Gallup that has long made sense, even dating back to the calf injury that he suffered early on last season, has been for him to take a one-year deal with the Cowboys to hopefully prove himself properly after a full season of health. Theoretically doing this would set him up for more success to re-enter the free agent market with more positive momentum in 2023 than he seemingly has now.

It feels unlikely that the Cowboys would bring back Gallup and not release Amari Cooper, but anything is possible. A Cooper-less Cowboys offense would offer more opportunities for Gallup to shine if he really was wanting another crack at things next year. Clearly there are a number of scenarios to consider.

The Cowboys are facing some serious turnover on offense so getting Gallup back would go a long way towards keeping more continuity which is never a bad thing.

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