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Report: Dallas Cowboys are ‘likely’ to release Amari Cooper by start of new league year

It is starting to feel real that the Cowboys may part with Amari Cooper.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

On Thursday night, a report surfaced that “it would be an upset if Amari Cooper returns” to the Dallas Cowboys. With free agency set to begin in less than two weeks, the writing began to appear on the wall that the 2022 version of this team could be without their top wide receiver.

Friday morning brought further clarity on the subject as ESPN’s Adam Schefter went as far as saying that it is “likely” for the Cowboys to release Cooper before the start of the league year.

If you have been paying attention then this day has been possible for two years now. The Cowboys left themselves an escape hatch in Cooper’s deal in 2022 when Michael Gallup’s contract ended, and according to one report they are choosing to make the latter a priority.

Cowboys fans would have to hope that they could at least get some draft capital for him instead of a straight release.

The Cowboys offense is in a bit of a crisis right now given that Amari Cooper could be out and Blake Jarwin is not expected to be ready for the beginning of the season. While Jarwin’s role on the team isn’t exactly foundational, he represented an option for them if they chose not to bring back Dalton Schultz. But considering Cooper’s what-feels-like inevitable departure and the question surrounding Jarwin, there is even more need to bring back Schultz.

If the Cowboys are truly planning to release Amari Cooper and negotiating with both Michael Gallup and Dalton Schultz, why would they publicize how important the latter two are going to be to the team? It gives the players and their representation all of the leverage.

This offseason has felt chaotic for the Cowboys and we are only in the early days of March as mentioned. Get ready. It feels like more is coming.

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