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Cowboys free agency 2022: Dallas reportedly interested in free agent safety Tyrann Mathieu

Should the Cowboys pursue the Honey Badger?

Dallas Cowboys v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The fireworks from 2022 NFL Free Agency have long faded, in fact the carnival has packed up all of the rides and moved out of town.

While this is the case there are still a few things that tend to happen as the spring and summer roll along and sometimes they can be rather big. Consider for example that on Thursday the Los Angeles Rams signed veteran linebacker Bobby Wagner (a move a lot of Cowboys fans wanted to see their team make). Just because the initial waves are over does not mean that there is a total reason to get out of the pool.

Of course you have to be willing to actually ride the waves when they show up and the Cowboys have long been content to sit on their surfboards and admire the view. The right wave could change things for them though, and is it possible that they are waiting for that right one to present itself?

The Cowboys are reportedly interested in free agent safety Tyrann Mathieu

Death, taxes, and Dallas Cowboys fans longing for a legitimate safety.

Tyrann Mathieu’s name has been connected to the Cowboys each time he has hit free agency mostly as something that fans are trying to will into existence. Mathieu is indeed on the open market once again this offseason and Thursday evening brought a report that Dallas is among those who are interested in him.

Tyrann Mathieu has been among the NFL’s more visible defensive backs for the better part of the last decade and has a tenacity about him that could surely go a long way towards inspiring any locker room that he sets foot in. He is a world champion having won a Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs and while the Cowboys have already brought back Jayron Kearse and Malik Hooker this offseason, with no disrespect intended towards them, they are not Tyrann Mathieu.

Of course Dallas being ‘interested’ is the bare minimum sort of thing here and there are a lot of teams listed in the report by Jordan Schultz. The New Orleans Saints make a lot of sense for Mathieu given his Louisiana history, but notably absent from this list are his former team in the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs have been one of the better-run organizations in the NFL for a long time now and it should at least be said that they are fine moving on from Tyrann Mathieu (SB Nation Reacts users believe Kansas City should easily win the AFC West for the 500th year in a row this season by the way). It isn’t a big thing, but it is notable.

Perhaps things will work out and Tyrann Mathieu will be the marquee free agent that the Cowboys land this offseason.

But we all know how this story goes, right?

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